Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why This Blog?

I'm glad you have found this blog. I have not been a pastor for over a year, but I have been preaching and teaching on a regular basis not only at the church I am currently attending, but also with a prison ministry. While I have prepared my sermons and teachings, I have neglected my studies in Old and New Testament issues, theology (Wesleyan and otherwise), preaching, Church History, etc. This blog will serve as a record to anyone curious as to what I am doing to make myself into a worker approved by God. It is my hope that this blog's existence will serve as a catalyst to continue my studies. Also, it should serve as a useful reference for myself when seeking to use what I have learned . Please feel free to comment on what you find on this sight. Any helpful suggestions for further study in any subject will be appreciated.

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Tim Sheets said...

Look forward to what you have to say. We have some similar interests. I'm not involved in a prison ministry, but have been involved in a local jail ministry for about a year and a half. Would be curious to hear about what you do in the prisons?

Grace and peace,
T <><