Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rick Warren's Podcasts

I have been listening to and taking notes on Rick Warren's podcasts for pastors. I took notes on four of them this month, eight as a whole, seven pages of notes. I hope to make my notes available to those who want them. I plan to download about eight more podcasts and take notes on them soon. While I am not a fan of mega-Churches, I have found the advice given on these podcasts invaluable. Some of the topics have dealt with how a Church can remain innovative, how to best use special days, how Churches can minister to communities that experience tragedies. Much advice is given on how the pastor can remain productive without burning out. Included among these topics are how to retain joy in ministry, how to remain mentally fresh, how to balance a busy schedule so the pastor determines the agenda rather than the pastor being overwhelmed by events. Throughout, Warren and others give valuable insights on leadership.

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