Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have finished listening to and taking notes on the podcasts for pastors available on Ric Warren's website. I took as detailed notes as I think anyone could, but they really are not as helpful without listening to the individual podcasts before one reads the notes. Now that I have that and a few other minor note taking exercises done, I can truly get to some academic pastoral study. I will start with Darrell Bock's latest book (The title escapes me at the moment), a second reading of Walter Kaiser's preaching on the Old Testament (again, I am having trouble with book titles today)and a book on preaching to the postmodern culture (title?).

I have finished one third of Part II of Wesley's "Doctrine of Original Sin." I plan to devote more time to this endeavor.

Remember, this blog's purpose is not excite any one's interest. It is simply to be an online record of what I am doing to study to make me a better pastor, preacher and theologian. But I do welcome any comments you may make.