Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Most Important Book

Off and on, over the past few months, I have read "The Way to Pentecost" by Samuel Chadwick. It is one of the most important books on sanctification ever written. Writen in the 1930's, it contains a straight forward account from Scriptures on what sanctification, or being filled with the Spirit, means, how to acheive and maintian it, and the absolute necessity for it to have a successful Christian life. There is no confusing doctinal language used here. The style is plain and easy to understand. While being Wesleyan in theology, it stays away from traditional 19th century Wesleyan jargon. I will comment on it extensively on my other blog . On the subject of being filled with the Spirit, this book is of secondary importance only to Wesley's "A Plain Account of Christian Perfection."

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