Friday, January 8, 2010

The Bible In 90 Days: Exodus

For 1-24, see Genesis.

25.  Opposition will always intensify as God delivers.
26.  Why did God take Israel out of Caanan into Egypt when God promised to give Cannan to Israel?  Because God did not want Israel to be tainted with the idolatrous practices of the inhabitants of Canaan.
27.  God initially told Pharough that He wanted Israel to leave for three days, even though His ultimate intent was for Israel to leave permenantly.
28.  God wanted Israel to be free so Israel could worship Him.
29.  When God sent the plague of hail, God warned Egypt so Egypt could act to protect its food and livestock.  The wheat and spelt (what is spelt?) survived.  Yet Egypt would not listen, so what survived the hail was later distroyed the plague of locusts. 
30.  Ex 11:8- Moses burned with anger at Pharoh even though God had hardened Pharoh's heart because Pharoh had already hardened his own heart first.
31.  Israel was to eat the passover meal in their traveling clothes, ready to leave Egypt.  This symbolizes what should be our readiness to flee from sin.
32.  Passover was to be observed with no yeast in the house.  Yeast had to be removed before the Passover celebration.  In the same way we should make no provision to sin against God.
33.  The first born son and the first born of livestock were to be offered to the Lord; a sacrifice of what was most valued. (First born sons were redeemed.)
34.  Passover was a visible reminder of God's deliverence.
35.  God did not lead Israel the shortest way through Philistine territory because Israel might have turned back.  God knew what Israel could handle.
36.  The parting of the Red Sea was to be the miracle that established Israel's faith.
37.  How does God's ransoming of Israel relate to the ransom theory of the Atonement?
38.  God gave Israel only as much manna as it needed and nothing more, teaching Israel to rely continually on Him and not to try to hoard His blessings.
39.  After 400 years of slavery, Israel had to learn to understand the concept of a Sabbath rest.
40.  God did not take Israel out of the desert right away.  He was teaching the people to trust Him, that they would learn that He would care for them in the desert before He took them into the Promised Land.
41.  Jethro came to believe in God.  Why did God choose Israel?  So that when the other people groups witnessed God acting for and through Israel, they would know that Israel's God was the one true God.
42.  As Jethro witnessed, God's laws were known and taught before God gave the Law on Mt. Sinai.  People learned right from wrong from Moses before the Law was given.
43.  Before God gave the Law, He reminded Israel what He had done for them in the past and what His future plans for them were. 
44.  While the people feared the Lord when He revealed Himself on Mt. Sinai, Moses had to teach them to use that fear to keep from sinning.
45.  People were allowed to build altars only where God had revealed Himself to them.
46.  Hebrew slaves were to be freed after 6 years.
47.  Kidnapping anyone for slavery was punishable by death, Ex. 21:16.  No, the Bible did not sanction American slavery.
48.  If a pregant woman is injured so that her baby is born prematurely but no death results, then the guilty party pays expenses.  But if the unborn baby dies, the one responsible is guilty of murder and is to be executed. Ex. 21: 22-25.  Unborn children were considered persons who could be murdered.
49.  Most of God's Laws concern the just treatment of others.
50.  God is so kind that even 1st born animals to be sacrificed were not to be taken from their mothers for 8 days.
51.  God promised to bless Israel IF Israel obeyed His commands.  No unconditional Covenant.
52.  God told Israel that He would let Israel conquer the Promised Land little by little, making it easier for Israel to control the land.
53.  God brought Israel out of Egypt so He could live among them in the Tabernacle.
54.  God gave special skills, filling Bezalel with the Holy Spirit, to those already naturally gifted in the crafts necessary to build the Tabernacle.  God must have given the craftsmen special knowledge of the meaning of each portion of their finished product before they began their work.
55.  The Sabbath is to be kept forever.
56.  Israel backslid, using the gold for the Golden Calf meant to be used in the worship of God.
57.  Israel worshipped the Golden Calf while the glory of God revealed on Mt. Sinai was still visible on the top of the mountain, after they had promised to obey God's commands to only worship Him.
58.  Canaan was a land flowing with milk and honey, even when the idolatrous Canaanites lived there.  This goes to show you that God will even bless a land when its inhabitants do not worship Him.  But the blessings did not guarantee their future possession of the land.  Americans should take heed.
59.  After the Golden Calf, God's presence was only experienced by Moses in the Tent of Meeting.
60.   Like Abraham before God destroyed Sodom and Gommorah, God was molding Moses to ask in prayer what God wanted him to ask when Moses interceeded for Israel.  The Holy Spirit indwelling us does the same today.
61.  The Fesitvals of Unleavened Bread, the 1st and Final Fruits were aids against the practice of idolatry.
62. In the later chapters of Exodus, God's main concern for Israel was that it not backslide into idolatry.  The proactive activities God emphasises to prevent this is the observance of the Sabbath, the Passover, and the Festivals of 1st and Final Fruits.

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