Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bible in 90 Days: Genesis

These are things that came to mind while reading through Genesis while participating in the 90 day Bible reading program.  These impressions are not particularly profound as the focus is on reading through long sections of scripture each day, but I would like to leave some record of my participation in this Church wide program.

1. Why didn't God create the whole universe in one act rather than in 6 days?
2. If God provided food for man, then death was possible for man and beast before the Fall.
3. Some refer to two creation stories; this is nonsense.  Chapter 1 focuses on the created world being prepared for Man while chapter 2 focuses on the creation of Man himself.
4. God wanted to see what Adam would call the animals; here God was delighting Himself in the actions of His creation.
5.  Sin could be subdued even in Cain's day.
6.  God promised Noah safety, but Noah still had to obey God's instructions.
7.  Sorry Calvinists, God did not make Noah righteous and everyone else else unrighteous against their will and then get angry and distroy the world.  All involved had a choice as to their spiritual condition.
8.  What was God's purpose in distroying the earth if mankind was still evil after the flood?
9.  God's covenant not to destroy the earth by flood again was with both Man and animals.
10.  God's scattering of Man after He destroyed the Tower of Babel was so Man would spread the image of God over the whole earth.
11.  After Noah, Man's lifespan decreases, see Shem's geneology, Gen 11; it decreases further after God destroyed the Tower of Babel.
12.  Abraham was called to live in Caanan to worship God among idol worshippers.
13.  A male child of the covenant was circumsized to show he was a member of the Covenant people even before he could have a say in the matter.
14.  Abraham asked God if He would distroy Sodom if it had righteous living within it.  Abraham stated that the judge of the earth would not act unrighteously.  This indicates that even as far back as Abraham, the world's inhabitants understood right and wrong.
15.  If Lot's servants were not spared because they were not righteous, this indicates Lot allowed sin to dwell in his home in contact with his family.
16.  Abraham loved Ishmael as his first born son, but He loved God more.
17.  Ishmael made fun of Issac; God would not permit Issac to feel unworthy as the son of promise.
18.  All nations are blessed because Abraham obeyed God.
19.  Even Abimelech knew what sin was and God expected him to shun it.
20.  Leah was the mother of the Levitical priesthood; Rachael helped give birth to Christ's earthly family.
21.  God heard Hagar, Leah, Rachael and Jacob when they were wronged.
22.  Before meeting Esau, Jacob reminded God and himself of God's earlier promises.
23.  By faith, Jacob left Caanan with EVERYTHING, knowing the Lord would give his descendants the land of Caanan.
24.  What is the role of Jacob blessing his sons in Biblical prophecy?  

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