Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bible In 90 Days: Judges And Ruth

To read 1- 160, click the "Bible In 90 Days: Impressions" link below.

161.  Israel's 1st disobedience was in not completely driving out the pagan tribes; then they degenerated into idol worshippers.  The Lord did not drive these tribes out immediately to test Israel's obedience.
162.  The Judges, like Deborah, heard from the Lord, even though they were not Levites.
163.  Jesus said the Law and the Prophets spoke of Him.  Deborah was a prophet.  Jesus therefore put His stamp of approval upon the Historical Books.
164.  Deborah told Barak he would receive no honor for his victory, yet Barak is in the Heb 11 list of the faithful and she is not.
165.  Only Zebulon and Naphtali gave full military support to Barak.  The other tribes were afraid.
166.  After Gideon distroyed the altar to Baal, Gideon's father Joash used superior reasoning concerning the real nature of Baal (if Baal is real, let Baal defend himself) to convince the crowd not to seek Gideon's life.
167.  Ephriam may have feared that if Jephtha received sole credit for defeating the Ammonites, Jephtha would dominate Ephriam and the rest of the tribes.
168.  Izban broke God's Law by marrying his children outside the tribe.
169.  Samson's mother used her own reason to discern that she and her husband would not die after seeing God.
170.  God was using Samson's own Lawbreaking in marrying a Philistine woman to further God's own purposes.  Did Samuel know this?
171.  Samson did not realize the Lord had left him.
172.  Micah was so mixed up in his beliefs that while he engaged in idol worship he thought that having a Levite living with him as his personal priest would bless him.
173.  Dan first disobeyed God by not driving out the pagans from their land.  Then they sought land not assigned to them. They killed everyone in the village in violation of God's command to seek surrender first.
174.  Did the family of priests , descendants of Micah's priest, serve until the Kingdom of Israel fell?
175.  While the Levite with his concubine would not stay in a Jebusite village because no Israelite lived there, it was in the Israelite town of Gibeah that the concubine was raped and murdered. 
176.  The Levite and his concubine are refered to by Scripture as man and wife.
177.  Perhaps God did not give all the other tribes victory over Benjamin until after the tribes offered sacrifices? Or perhaps God was bringing judgement upon all by killing so many on both sides.
178.  No judge appears after Samuel.
179.  Israel had no King to ensure God's Laws were obeyed.

180.  This book is about fulfilling God's Law, submitting to God.

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