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Bible In 90 Days: Jeremiah

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610.  Jeremiah began his prophecies during Josiah's reign.  Jeremiah spoke of death and exile while Israel was ruled by a good king.
611.  When Israel is restored, it will no longer mourn for the "good old days" when it possessed the Ark.
612.  Like in Isaiah, Israel's idolatry is likened to adultery.
613.  God is not just concerned about Judah and Jerusalem; if they repent, all nations will be drawn to Him.
614.  Judah's punishments a message for all nations.
615.  Judah thought the Temple's presence would save Judah from destruction.
616.  Jer. 8:8- "How can you say, 'We are wise because we have the Law of the Lord,' when your teachers twist it so badly?"
617.  Boast in the Lord alone, who is just, loves forever and delights in these things.
618.  The Lord will punish all who are circumsized in body, but not in heart.
619.  The Lord will uproot all the nations surrounding Israel, but if they repent, they will be given a place among God's people.
620.  Even Jeremiah's own family turned against him.
621.  The Lord continually orders Jeremiah not to pray for Judah.
622.  In the future, Israel will remember returning to the land after the exile more than being brought out of Egypt.
623.  Only the Lord knows how wicked our hearts are.
624.  The people mock Jeremiah because judgement has been delayed.
625.  The Lord will judge Israel for doing business on the Sabbath, treating it just like any other day.
626.  The people plotted against Jeremiah, even though he pleaded for them.
627.  The Lord gave Judah a choice- death by war, plague or famine or captivity.
628.  If Judah repented and justice prevailed, God would not have brought judgement.
629.  The Lord would make sure the first exiles to Babylon would be treated well and return to the land and recognize that the Lord is God.  Those in Israel during the second exile will face utter destruction.  This was prophesied before the 1st exile.
630.  Did the Lord Himself cause the Kings to drink from the cup of the Lord's anger?
631.  King Jehoiakim is the only King of Judah or Israel to actually kill a prophet with his own hands- Uriah son of Shemiah.
632.  Israel and all the surrounding kingdoms were ordered by God to submit to Babylon.  Israel's later refusal to pay tribute to Babylon was rebellion against God.
633.  The Lord promised the exiles in Babylon that they could find Him if they sought Him, but they must stay in Babylon 70 years.
634.  Jer. 31:30- "All people will die for their own sins..." We are not punished for Adam's specific sin in the Garden.
635.  Jer. 31:38- "And I will give them one heart and mind to worship me forever, for their own good and for the good of all their decendents."
636.  Jer. 31:40- "...I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me."
637.  Jer. 33:17-18- There will always be a king on David's throne (Jesus).  There will always be Levitical priests to offer sacrifices.  Are these priests those who follow Jesus, the royal priesthood?
638.  King Zedikiah freed the Hebrew slaves, but the people changed their mind and took them back.
639.  The Recabites didn't drink because their ancestor, Jehonidab, forbad them.  Yet the Lord repeatedly commanded Israel not to worship idols and Israel would not listen.
640.  It took one year for Jeremiah to dictate the Lord's messages to him onto a scroll.
641.  King Johoiakin and his officials showed no repentance when they heared the scroll read to them.
642.  King Zedikiah wanted Jeremiah to tell him what the Lord said, but had no intention of obeying.  He vowed not to kill Jeremiah, then told Jeremiah he would kill him if he told anyone the Lord told Zedikiah to surrender.
643.  The Judeans who fled to Egypt failed to trust in the Lord by staying in Judah.
644.  Jer 46:10- On the Lord's destruction of Egypt using the Babylonians- "...The Lord, the Lord Almighty, will receive a sacrifice today in the North country beside the Euphrates River."
645.  The Philistines will finally be destroyed by Egypt.
646.  Jer. 48:10- This is what the Lord says to those He uses to destoy Moab: "Cursed be those who refuse to do the work the Lord has given them, who hold back their swords from shedding blood!"  Still the Lord says He will restore the fortunes of Moab and the Ammonites.  The orphans and widows of Edom will be cared for by the Lord, even though Edom will be destroyed.  Babylon, which destroyed the Lord's temple, will not be restored.


647.  Written in Jerusalem by Jeremiah after the exile.  Repentance for injustice, reliance on foreign allies.  The priesthood is condemned.  Laments the loss of Jerusalem's former glory.

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