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Bible In 90 Days: Psalms

For 1-367, click the "Bible in 90 Days: Impressions" link below.  Reminder: these impressions are just a record that I am indeed reading the daily readings as others in my church do.  Since Psalms is so voluminous and my time on the computer is limited, I will only leave a one or two sentance summary of each psalm.

368.  Ps. 1- Abide in the Lord always, then one always spiritually prospers.
369.  Ps. 2- God's Son is preeminent.
370.  Ps. 3- God is our shield, His omniscience and omnipotence protects us always.
371.  Ps. 4- Those who try to ruin our reputations should not make us consumed with anger.
372.  Ps. 5- Only God's guidance protects us from our enemies traps.
373.  Ps. 6- Forgiveness and restoration sought.
374.  Ps. 7-  The wicked fall into their own traps.
375.  Ps. 8.- God is all glorious and has given us authority on earth.
376.  Ps. 9.- v. 10.-"Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, have never abandoned anyone who searches for you."  David prays that God would show the nations they are merely human.
377.  Ps.10- The wicked oppress the weak because they think God does not see.
378.  Ps.11-  Why fear the wicked when we know God is a God of justice.
379.  Ps.12-  The Lord will protect the weak from lying tongues.
380.  Ps.13.-  How long must we suffer?
381.  Ps.14.-  Israel suffers oppression which will be judged by God.
382.  Ps.15.-  Only the holy can enter God's presence.
383.  Ps.16.-  v. 10-"...for you will not leave my soul among the dead, or allow your godly one to rot in the grave."
384.  Ps.17.-  David had been tested and not found wanting.
385.  Ps.18.-  David praises God for final delivery from Saul.
386.  Ps. 19.-  On the natural world revealing God's glory, the goodness of God's Laws and a plea for God's cleansing.
387.  Ps. 20.-  David prays for 3rd parties.
388.  Ps. 21.-  David praises God for giving him all he desired.
389.  Ps. 22.-  The psalm Christ quoted from the Cross.
390.  Ps. 23.-  The Lord our shepherd.
391.  Ps. 24.-  God is creator.  Do not worship created things.
392.  Ps. 25.-  David asks God to forgive David of his past sins and show David the right way.
393.  Ps. 26.-  David does not keep company with sinners.
394.  Ps. 27.-  David rests in God's protection and prays he will enjoy God's presence forever.
395.  Ps. 28.-  David prays that he would not share the fate of the wicked.
396.  Ps. 29.-  David praises the awesome power of God.
397.  Ps. 30.-  When David sinned, the Lord turned away from him; when David repented, God forgave him.
398.  Ps. 31.-  David asks God to rescue him for God's name's sake.
399.  Ps. 32.-  The blessings of repentance.
400.  Ps. 33.-  Only God can save.
401.  Ps. 34.-  The Lord freed David from all his fears.
402.  Ps. 35.-  Those David showed kindness toward turned on him.
403.  Ps. 36.-  v.6- "Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains, your justice is like the ocean depths.  You care for people and animals alike."
404.  Ps. 37.-  Don't fret over the transient good fortune of the ungodly.
405.  Ps. 38 and  39-  A prayer of repentance
406.  Ps. 40-  Praising God for past deliverences.
407.  Ps. 41.- Those who are kind to the poor will be treated kindly by God.
408.  Ps. 42.-  Our only desire should be for God.
409.  Ps. 43.-  A prayer to God to lead us into His presence.
410.  Ps. 44.-  Concerning God's dealings with Israel.
411.  Ps. 45.-  In honor of God's annointed King.
412.  Ps. 46.-  God protects Israel as he causes other nations to crumble.
413.  Ps. 47.-  In praise of God.
414.  Ps. 48.-  God's city is Jerusalem.
415.  Ps. 49.-  The rich in this world will lose everything in death; God can snatch us from the power of death.
416.  Ps. 50.-  God doesn't want sacrifices but wants us to give thanks, trust Him in times of trouble and fulfill our vows to Him.
417.  Ps. 51.-  David's repentance for adultry and murder.
418.  Ps. 52.-  God will punish the unrighteous like Doeg the Edomite.
419.  Ps. 53.-  All have turned from God.
420.  Ps. 54.-  David cries out to God after he has been betrayed.
421.  Ps. 55.-  David fears the ungodly around him more than a foreign enemy.
422.  Ps. 56.-  David trusts God, so he will not fear.
423.  Ps. 57.-  David praises God for delivering him from his enemies.
424.  Ps. 58.-  A plea to God to judge injustice.
425.  Ps. 59.-  A plea from David to God to destroy those seeking to kill David.
426.  Ps. 60.-  David asks God to go with him as he goes out to war.
427.  Ps. 61.-  David asks God to protect him since he follows God's ways.
428.  Ps. 62.-  Trust in God, not in riches.
429.  Ps. 63.-  v. 11- "But the king will rejoice in God.  All who trust in him will praise him, while liars will be silenced."
430.  Ps. 64.-  Liars are confident they will never be exposed.
431.  Ps. 65.-  God cares for all creation.
432.  Ps. 66.-  A call for all the earth to praise God.
433.  Ps. 67.-  A prayer for all the nations to praise God.
434.  Ps. 68.-  God enriches Israel and impovrishes Israel's enemies.
435.  Ps. 69.-  David prays that the godly would never be ashamed because of him.
436.  Ps. 70.-  Let those who trouble David be ashamed.
437.  Ps. 71.-  David had followed God all his life.  He pleads to God not to abandon him in his old age.
438.  Ps. 72.-  A prayer to God from David that Solomon will flourish and rule with justice.
439.  Ps. 73.-  Thanks to God for keeping Asaph from going the way of the wicked.
440.  Ps. 74.-  A plea to God to avenge His enemies for oppressing His people.
441.  Ps. 75.-  God will ultimately judge the wicked.
442.  Ps. 76.-  Asaph praises God for defeating Israel's enemies.
443.  Ps. 77.-  Will Asaph experience past blessings again?
444.  Ps. 78.-  A history of Israel's sin and God's choosing of Judah and David.
445.  Ps. 79.-  A plea to God to forgive Israel's sins and defeat Israel's enemies that mock God.
446.  Ps. 80.-  Asaph asks God to allow Israel to return to Him.
447.  Ps. 81.-  God freed Israel from slavery, but Israel followed other gods.  So God let Israel go its own way.
448.  Ps. 82.-  God judges those who are supposed to dispense justice.
449.  Ps. 83.-  Asaph asks God to destroy Israel's enemies as He had done in the past.
450.  Ps. 84.-  Desire to worship God in the Temple rather than waste time in rich houses.
451.  Ps. 85.-  The Lord will put away His anger at Israel.
452.  Ps. 86.-  No pagan god hears us like the God of Israel.
453.  Ps. 87.-  All those from other nations will become citizens of Jerusalem.
454.  Ps. 88.-  Don't let me die; can the dead praise the Lord?
455.  Ps. 89.-  v. 35- "I have sworn an oath to David, and in my holiness I cannot lie..."
456.  Ps. 90.-  v. 12- "Teach us to make most of our time, so that we may grow in wisdom." Moses.
457.  Ps. 91.-  God will protect His own so they will not strike a foot upon a stone.  Satan quoted this verse to Jesus when Satan tempted Him.
458.  Ps. 92.-  Those that abide in God's presence will always flourish, at any age.
459.  Ps. 93.-  God is eternal, greater than the power of the ocean and the nature of His reign is holiness.
460.  Ps. 94.-  Those who oppress Israel think God isn't watching.
461.  Ps. 95.-  Worship God our maker and creator of the universe.
462.  Ps. 96.-  All the nations are to worship the Lord.
463.  Ps. 97.-  All those who worship idols will be disgraced.
464.  Ps. 98.-  All nations seeing how God has dealt with Israel should worship the Lord.
465.  Ps. 99.-  Worship the Lord for He is holy and rules with justice.  Moses, Aaron and Samuel called on Him and He heard them.
466.  Ps. 100.- Worship God for He is faithful.
467.  Ps. 101.- David pledges private integrity, association only with the Godly and to work to thwart sinners.
468.  Ps. 102.- A prayer for both personal deliverence and for Jerusalem.
469.  Ps. 103.- The Lord is gracious and does not deal with us as we deserve.
470.  Ps. 104.- The work of God the creator.
471.  Ps. 105.- A history of God fulfilling His covenant with Abraham.
472.  Ps. 106.- A history of Israel's sin.
473.  Ps. 107.- Encouragement to those delivered by God to praise Him.
474.  Ps. 108.- David states that without God Israel could not defeat its foes.
475.  Ps. 109.- Let the curses made by those who oppress others become the Lord's punishment for them.
476.  Ps. 110.- David prophecies that Christ will reign over all His enemies.
477.  Ps. 111.- Praise the Lord for what He has done for all His people.
478.  Ps. 112.- Those who are generous to others will be blessed.
479.  Ps. 113.- The Lord from on high protects the weak.
480.  Ps. 114.- All creation trembles before the Lord.
481.  Ps. 115.- Trust in the Lord, our helper and shield, not in idols.
482.  Ps. 116.- The Lord rescues from death.
483.  Ps. 117.- God's love endures forever.
484.  Ps. 118.- v. 22- "The stone rejected by the builders has become the corner stone."
485.  Ps. 119.- v. 1-8-         I will obey your law.  Please forgive my transgressions.
486.                 v. 9-16-       The word is our best defense against sin.
487.                 v. 17-24-     Only God can reveal the truths of His word.
488.                 v. 25-32-     Know the law, then you will know thyself.
489.                 v. 33-40-     God will change our desires as we read His word.
490.                 v. 41-48-     Love the word and publicize its decress.
491.                 v. 49-56-     Meditation on the law brings joy.
492.                 v. 57-64-     The Law is stronger than the temptation to sin.
493.                 v. 65-72-     The Lord disciplines us to bring us back to obedience.
494.                 v. 73-80-     Let the righteous be pleased with me.
495.                 v. 81-88-     Lord, when will your promises come true?
496.                 v. 89-96-     The Lord's faithfulness is forever.
497.                 v. 97-104-   Knowing and obeying the Law makes us smarter.
498.                 v. 105-112- Be determined to obey the Law at all times.
499.                 v. 113-120- Those who disobey God are evil.
500.                 v. 121-128- Pleading for deliverence from enemies.
501.                 v. 129-136- v. 30 "As your words are taught, they give light, even the simple understand them."
502.                 v. 137-144- God's promises have been tested and found true.
503.                 v. 145-152- David meditates on the Law all day.
504.                 v. 153-160- David pleads for rescue from the ungodly.
505.                 v. 161-168- v. 164 "I will praise you seven times a day because all your laws are just."
506.                 v. 169-176- Let the Law produce obedience and praise.
507.  Ps. 120.- A prayer against liars and those not peaceful.
508.  Ps. 121.- The Lord always watches over Jerusalem.
509.  Ps. 122.- A prayer  for Jerusalem.
510.  Ps. 123.- God's own look to Him.
511.  Ps. 124.- The Lord rescued Israel from its enemies.
512.  Ps. 125.- The Lord protects Israel.  A prayer to remove the wicked from Israel.
513.  Ps. 126.- The restoration of Israel.
514.  Ps. 127.- Look only to God for protection.
515.  Ps. 128- A prayer for the the flourishing of the godly and Jerusalem.
516.  Ps. 129- A prayer concerning individual oppression and oppression against Jerusalem.
517.  Ps. 130- Hope in the Lord that He will free you from sin.
518.  Ps. 131- David's soul is like that of a small child.
519.  Ps. 132- The Lord made His home in Jerusalem.
520.  Ps. 133- Live in harmony with each other.
521.  Ps. 134- A call to priests serving in the Temple to bless the Lord.
522.  Ps. 135- "                                                                                   "
523.  Ps. 136- God's faithful love endures forever.
524.  Ps. 137- Lamenting the exile from Jerusalem.
525.  Ps. 138- v.6-"Though the Lord is great, he cares for the humble, but keeps his distance from the proud.
526.  Ps. 139- The Lord made us, knows everything about us and is with us everywhere.
527.  Ps. 140- David prays for protection from the wicked and that the wickeds' traps for others would be a snare to them.
528.  Ps. 141- The same as Ps. 140.
529.  Ps. 142- David prays for deliverence so he can thank God.
530.  Ps. 143- David again prays for deliverence from his enemies.
531.  Ps. 144- Let God confuse the enemy and make Israel flourish.
532.  Ps. 145- The Lord protects those who love Him.
533.  Ps. 146- Trust and fear the Lord, not powerful people.
534.  Ps. 147- Praise the Lord for His rule over creation.
535.  Ps. 148- Let all creation praise the Lord.
536.  Ps. 149- Worship the Lord and fight His enemies.
537.  Ps. 150- Praise the Lord with instruments.

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