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90 Days: Day 86, The Final Day

Today I read Revelation.  Finished.  I posted a short article on my experience reading the Bible in 86 days on my main blog which can be seen here.  I will finish posting impressions from Acts-Revelation later this year.

90 Days: Day 85 Continued

Last night I finished the General Epistles.

Friday, March 26, 2010

90 Days: Day 85

Read Hebrews and James.  I will read tomorrow's assignment tonight and the book of Revelation tomorrow to finish.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

90 Days: Day 84

Read I and IIThess., I and IITim, Titus and Philemon.

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New Blog Address

This blog's new address is .  Its title is still "Notes From My Study."  My audio blog can be found at  .

90 Days: Day 83

Read Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians.

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Main Blog, New Name

The Right Hand of Fellowship has been renamed.  It is now entitled Redemptive Thoughts.  Its address is   I chose this time to make the change because Blogger is making all those on FTD swich to Custom Domain.  If you are unaware of the change, which is supposed to be complete by 3/25 or 3/26, consult the "Blogger Buzz" section of your dashboard.  Right now I am going to change the address of this blog and my audio blog.  I will keep the same names for these blogs.  Their new addresses will be posted tomorrow.

90 Days: Day 82

Finished I Cor. and read both II Cor and Gal.  In finishing Galations, I read part of tomorrow's reading assignment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

90 Days: Day 81

Finished Romans and read I Cor. 1-14.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

90 Days: Day 80

Read Rom. 1-14.  As the end of this 90 day Bible reading endeavor is approaching, I am going to forgo posting impressions on the remainder of my reading.  I am about to move to a new location and I just do not have the time to type these impressions with all that I have to do.  I may return and finish them later this year and post them here.  In the meantime, I am current with my reading and will finish on time and will continue posting on my progress.

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Bible In 90 Days: John

For 1- 994, click the "Bible in 90 Days: Impressions" link below.

995.  Jesus is spoken of as the Creator.
996.  For those who believe in Jesus Christ, they have the right to become children of God.
997.  John the Baptist testified so that ALL may believe in Him.  Sorry Calvinists.
998.  Although John was born before his cousin Jesus, Jesus existed before John.
999.  When John the Baptist says Jesus takes away the sins of the world and that He is the lamb of God,  John's disciples did not yet understand that Jesus would be the final sacrifice for sin.
1000.  Nicodemas was focused on Jesus' miracles.  Jesus, in telling him he must be born again to see the Kingdom of God, was trying to get Nicodemas to focus on the right things.
1001.  Jn. 3:10- "Jesus replied, 'You are a respected Jewish teacher, and yet you don't understand these things?' " Nicodemas should have known what Jesus was talking about.
1002.  Those who still want to sin in secret do not want to trust in Jesus.  They don't want their actions to come to the light that they may be forgiven.
1003.  John the Baptist identifies Jesus as God's Son who must be obeyed to receive eternal life.
1004.  The Samaritan woman was unfocused; Jesus tried to get her rightly focused as He tried with Nicodemas.
1005.  Salvation comes through the Jews, Jesus said.
1006.  God is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.
1007.  The Harvest is ready now; why wait?  Many will harvest souls where others first planted the seed.
1008.  The Samaritans believed Jesus after hearing His message.
1009.  The people in Cana believed Jesus could do miracles, but they did not believe in HIM.
1010.  In chapter 5, the NLT leaves out v.4.  But does the whole passage make sense without it, especially v. 7?
1011.  The religious leaders saw the man healed with his mat walking.  They should have realized he had been healed, but they were angry that he was carrying his mat on the Sabbath.
1012.  Jesus told the man to stop sinning.  Was his lameness due to sin on his part?
1013.  The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus because He called God His Father, making Himself equal with God.
1014.  The Father reveals to the Son what He is doing because He loves the Son.
1015.  Jesus will raise people from the dead.
1016.  The witnesses to Jesus are John the Baptist, Jesus' own teachings and His miracles.  The last two are greater than the first.
1017.  The Old Testament speaks of Jesus.  And Moses will accuse those who don't believe because Moses wrote of Him.
1018.  The people wanted to make Jesus king after He fed the 5000, but they would not accept His teachings.
1019.  Those that demanded Jesus show a sign that He was sent from God were the ones who ate when Jesus fed the 5000.
1020.  God's will- all that believe in Jesus shall have eternal life, that Jesus will raise them from the dead on the last day.
1021.  Jn. 6:44- "For people can't come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me..."  Prevenient Grace.
1022.  When Jesus taught that those who were His partake of His flesh and blood, the crowd of disciples thinned out.  The 12 disciples had a hard time accepting His words, but they knew He alone had the words that give eternal life.
1023.  When Jesus' brothers urged Him to go to Jerusalem, were they hoping He would be killed?  After all, it couldn't have been easy being the brother of Jesus.
1024.  Jesus said those who preach their own ideas are seeking praise from men.
1025.  When Jesus told the Pharisees to think through what is lawful on the Sabbath, Jesus was trying to get them to use their reason to discern the truth.
1026.  When Jesus spoke of living water, He was speaking of the Holy Spirit that will be given to believers after Jesus enters His glory.
1027.  When the woman was caught in the very act of adultry, it was because she was set up so that Jesus' enemies could set Him up.
1028.  If we obey God, God is our Father.  Otherwise, we are of the Devil.
1029.  God is always with Jesus because Jesus always does what pleases the Father.
1030.  The parents of the man healed of blindness did not want to say that Jesus was the Messiah.  They must have known only the Messiah could make the blind see.
1031.  The Pharisees condemned the man born blind as one born in sin.  Obviously they thought they were not born in sin.
1032.  Satan's purpose is to steal, kill and destroy.  Jesus came to give life in all its fullness.
1033.  The Good Shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.
1034.  Jesus has other sheep not of His sheepfold- the Gentiles.  He will bring them in and be their shepherd as well.
1035.  No one kills Jesus; He lays down His life voluntarily.  He lays it down and takes it up at His own will.
1036.  The Pharisees tried to kill Jesus because He said He and the Father were one.
1037.  In Jn. 10:36, Jesus claims to be the Son of God.
1038.  When Jesus saw Mary, the sister of Lazarus mourn, He was indignant at death itself.
1039.  To raise someone dead after 4 days made some want to kill Jesus.
1040.  Ciaphas prophesied concerning Jesus, but still was not of God.
1041.  Many feared that Jesus would threaten not only the religious establishment but also the nation of Israel itself.
1042.  In the Synoptics, Jesus' annointing by Mary took place at the home of a Pharisee.  In John, it happened at the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.
1043.  Instead of praising God for raising Lazarus, some wanted to kill him because he was drawing people to Jesus.
1044.  Those who follow Jesus will go where Jesus goes, even in death.
1045.  When Jesus washed the disciples feet, he was demonstrating how they ought to treat each other.  The disciples love for each other will show the world they are His disciples.
1046.  Jesus said if you see Him, you see the Father.  When He washed the disciples' feet, they saw the Father's love in action, and will do what the Father does.
1047.  The disciples will do greater works than Jesus when He goes to the Father because Jesus and the Father will send the Holy Spirit to indwell believers.
1048.  Jn. 14:15- "If you love Me, obey My commandments."
1049.  Those who don't produce fruit will be cut off because they seperated themselves from Jesus.
1050.  We can't do anything apart from God.
1051.  How do you measure love?  Laying down one's life for his friends.
1052.  Jesus calls His disciples friends, not servants, for He shared with them all His Father taught Him.
1053.  Jesus chose the disciples, including Judas.
1054.  Because the people saw Jesus' miracles, they had no excuse for their sin.
1055.  The world will hate the disciples because it hates Jesus and the Father.
1056.  Jn. 15:27- "And you must tell others about me because you have been with me from the beginning."
1057.  Jesus spoke of these things so the disciples will not fall away.
1058.  Some will persecute the disciples thinking they are doing God a service because they know neither the Father or Jesus.
1059.  The Holy Spirit will convict the world of its sin (unbelief in Jesus), righteousness being available because Jesus goes to the Father and sends the Holy Spirit, and future judgement.
1060.  Jesus wanted to tell them more, but they were not yet ready to bear it.
1061. Soon the disciples, then and now, can ask for anything in Jesus' name.
1062.  Jn. 17:3- "And this is the way to have eternal life-to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth."
1063.  Jesus prayed that the disciples would not be taken out of the world, but that they would be protected from the evil one."
1064.  Jesus prayed His disciples would be made pure and holy by being taught the words of truth.
1065.  Jesus prayed for all believers for all time.
1066.  Jesus prayed that all believers would be one as the Father and Son are one, so the world will know the Father sent Jesus and loves the disciples as much as He loves the Son.
1067.  Jesus revealed the Father to the disciples and will keep on revealing the Father to them through the Holy Spirit.
1068.  In the Garden, Jesus identified Himself and those arresting Him fell back.  Was Jesus demonstrating that He had power, but voluntarily submitted to arrest?  Perhaps He revealed His power to give authority to His request that the disciples be let go.
1069.  The religious leaders had heard Jesus teach, so there was no need for them to ask Him what He taught.  They were only trying to trip Him up so they could accuse Him.
1070.  The religious leaders would do anything to see Jesus killed.  They gave their alligience to Caesar.
1071.  To fulfill religious requirements, the religious leaders demanded that those crucified have their physical pain increased.
1072.  Jn. 19:34- John appeals to his credibility as an eyewitness.
1073.  Joseph of Arimethea and Nicodemas overcame their fear of the religious leaders to place Jesus in the tomb.
1074.  Jn. 20:23- The disciples received the Holy Spirit before Pentecost when Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them.  Whether they forgave or not would be guided by the Holy Spirit.
1075.  Jesus expected Thomas to believe based on the testimony of others.  We are to accept their testimony today.
1076.  Jn. 20:31- "But these are written so that you may believe Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing in Him, you will have life."  

90 Days: Day 79

Finished Acts.

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Bible In 90 Days: Luke

For 1- 928, click the "Bible in 90 Days" link below.

929.  John the Baptist will cause many Israelites to turn to God, turn many disobedient minds to accept godly wisdom and and turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, fulfilling Malachi's prophecy.
930.  A priest such as Zechariah should have remembered what God did for Abraham and Sarah.
931.  The people were not going to listen to Elizebeth as to what the boy will be called.  The status of women, including mothers was low.
932.  Mary spoke of God making wrong things right.
933.  The NLT reads "...peace on earth to all whom God favors," instead of "...peace on earth, good will to men."
934.  Anna's speaking of Jesus helped to prepare hearts to accept Him later.
935.  "And a sword will pierce your soul."  Jesus will die for His mother's sins.
936.  Jesus was obedient to His parents, even though He was the Messiah.
937.  John warned not to feel secure because one was descended from Abraham.
938.  John's message of good news came with warnings.
939.  People asked John what specific actions would prove repentence.
940.  The glory of earthly kingdoms belong to Satan.
941.  After Satan failed to tempt Jesus, he went away to wait for a more opportune time.
942.  At Nazerath, it appears the people were not mad at Jesus for His claims of being the Messiah, but teaching that Israel would not receive special treatment when God judges the nation.
943.  Jesus received a better welcome in Capernaum and stayed a while.
944.  Jesus is constantly asked whether He wants to heal; He always does.
945.  Jesus often withdrew for prayer even when others needed healing.  Jesus knew He had to maintain communion with the Father at all costs.
946.  Lk. 5:39- "But no one who drinks the old wine seems to want the fresh and the new.  'The old is better,' they say."  Is Jesus critisizing attatchment to traditional religious practices?
947.  Jesus' ministry was already underway when He called His disciples.
948.  Lk. 6: 35-36- "Love your enemies! Do good to them!  Lend to them! And don't be concerned that they might not repay.  Then your reward from heaven will be very great and you will truly be acting as children of the Most High, for he is kind to the unthankful and to those who are wicked.  You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionite."  
949.  The parable of the blind leading the blind is in the context of a passage on forgiveness.
950.  The Roman officer first used his reason to understand Jesus' authority, then put his faith in Jesus.
951.  Whether one accepted or rejected God's plan depended on whether one allowed themselves to be baptized by John.
952.  In Luke, the picture of putting a light under a bed is linked to the parable of the soils.  If no fruit is produced, what one has from God will be taken from them.
953.  Moses and Elijah spoke to Jesus concerning Jesus' death.
954.  Jesus saw Satan's expulsion from heaven.
955.  The disciples, despite all their shortcomings, saw much that the prophets and kings wished to but did not.
956.  The scribe who knew which were the 2 greatest commandments still wanted to justify his actions.  Even those who do wrong can have some spiritual insight.
957.  When Jesus used the analogy of the house divided against itself, He was appealing to human reasoning to make people understand a spiritual truth.
958.  The religious leaders put burdens on others they do nothing to lift.
959.  The religious leaders will be held responsible for the murder of all the prophets.
960.  By refusing to setle the brothers' estate, Jesus was telling us to work things out ourselves according to the teaching we have already received from Him.
961.  In Jesus' parable of the master wanting to cut down the unfruitful fig tree and the master's gardener asking that the tree be given one more year, Jesus was illustrating His intercession for us and the patience of the Father toward us.
962.  In the parable of the great feast, those who were invited but refused to attend were preoccupied with good things which they loved more than their king.  Their priorities were wrong.  That is why Jesus tells us not to love anyone more than Him.  Before we become disciples, we must count the cost.
963.  The Law still has a place in the Kingdom.
964.  The one leper who returned to praise Jesus was a Samaritan.  Good traits are part of the ungodly's characters.  They still need to be saved.
965.  When Jesus said the last days would be as the days of Noah and Lot, He was saying people will be too preoccupied with their own lives that God does not enter into their thinking.
966.  Zaccaeus was a son of Abraham because once he knew what the Lord wanted of him, he did it.  Repentence in action.
967.  In chapter 20, Jesus states that Moses wrote Exodus and that David wrote the Psalms attributed to him.
968.  Before the End Times occur, the Church will undergo a great period of persecution.  The persecution will end before the End Times.
969.  Lk. 22:19- "By standing firm, you will win your own souls."
970.  Jerusalem will be conquered and trampled down until the Gentile age comes to an end.
971.  Jesus tells us to pray that if possible, we can escape the horrors of the End Time.
972.  Satan entered into Judas, then Judas went to the priests to betray Jesus.
973.  Jesus was resurrected with a real body.  That is why He will be able to drink wine in the coming Kingdom.
974.  Kings order people around, and then are called 'the friends of the people.'  Not so Jesus, who came to serve, not to be served.
975.  When the 12 disciples sit on 12 thrones with Jesus, they will judge the 12 tribes of Israel.
976.  Peter's faith will not fail, even though he denies Jesus (Lk. 22:32).  Peter will repent and turn to Jesus again.  This is because Jesus prayed for Peter.
977.  Did Judas choose to greet Jesus with a kiss because he was bitter at Jesus for not conforming to what Judas thought the Messiah should be?
978.  The Pharisees and the religious leaders wanted Jesus killed because He claimed to be the Son of God.
979.  Herod was only interested in a religious show.  He didn't care what Jesus had to say; he just wanted Jesus to perform a miracle in his presence.
980.  In Matthew and Mark, the veil is torn when Jesus dies.  In Luke, before Jesus dies.
981.  The crowd came to enjoy the show, but Jesus' conduct in death caused them to leave in sorrow.
982.  Joseph of Aramethea had been waiting for the Kingdom of God.
983.  God kept the 2 men on the road to Emmaus from recognizing Jesus.
984.  Jesus spoke from Moses and the Prophets to speak of Himself.
985.  The men recognized Jesus when Jesus broke the bread.
986.  Within the hour, they were back on the road to Jerusalem.
987.  When the 2 men returned to Jerusalem, Jesus had already appeared to Peter.
988.  Jesus showed He had a physical body.  They saw His wounds, touched Him and He ate food.
989.  The message of the Gospel is repentence.
990.  Jesus opened the disciples' minds to understand scripture.
991.  Jesus said Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms spoke of Him.
992.  The sending of the Holy Spirit by the Father and Jesus is the promise of the faith.
993.  Jesus told the disciples to stay in Jerusalem until they receive the Holy Spirit.
994.  The disciples worshipped openly after Jesus' assention into heaven.

90 Days: Day 77

Finished John, read Acts 1-7.

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90 Days: Day 75

Finished Luke and read John 1-5.

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90 Days: Day 74

Read Lk. 10- 20.

Bible In 90 Days: Matthew And Mark

For 1- 814, click the "Bible in 90 Days" link below.

815.  The geneology includes both godly and ungodly characters.  It is completely honest. Women are included too, including Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba.  Ruth and Rahab were Gentiles.
816.  Joseph could have had Mary stoned, but he was a just man, not wanting to disgrace her publicly.  To have obeyed the letter of the Law with bad motives, such as revenge, would have made Joseph unjust.
817.  How could people seek answers concerning prophecies of the Messiah, then try to thwart God's stated purposes?
818.  John the Baptist preached repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven.
819.  John warned that repentance must be demonstrated by actions, the bearing of fruit.
820.  Jesus' obedience led to His baptism by the Spirit.
821.  Satan, twisting God's Word, was trying to get Jesus to reveal who He was in illegitimate ways.
822.  Jesus responded to Satan using Old Testament scripture.
823.  Jesus preached repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven.
824.  Jesus told Peter and Andrew they would be fishers of men.  They must have desired this already in their hearts and then responded to Jesus' invitation.
825.  People from all over came to Jesus.  This benefitted the Apostles on their missionary journies later on.
826.  Mt. 5:6 is usually translated "...those who are hungry and thirst for righteousness..."  The NLT renders it "...those who are hungry and thirst for justice..."
827.  Mt. 5: 10-16 go together as one unit.
828.  The Law will remain until its purposes are fulfilled.
829.  One must follow the Law better than the Pharisees to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
830.  Mt. 5:21, 27, 31, 33, 38, 43: Jesus was dealing with corruptions of God's Law, not criticising the Law itself.
831.  Jesus is raising the standards of following the Law.
832.  Mt. 5:48- "But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect."  To be interpreted in light of 5: 43-47.  A good Wesleyan proof text.
833.  Chapter 6:1-18- Deals with following God with pure inward motives rather than concerning oneself with what the perceptions of others- in giving, prayer, forgiving from the heart and fasting.
834.  Interpret 6: 1-4 in the context of 5: 11-16.
835.  Mt. 6: 19-24- We are not to seek treasures on earth.  Then in v. 25, Jesus transitions to trusting God for all that we do need, like food and clothing.
836.  Mt. 5: 27, 34 controls the interpretaion of 5: 25-34.
837.  Mt. 7: 1-5 does not teach that we must not confront others about sin, but that when we do, we must deal with our own sin first so we can counsel correctly.
838.  Mt. 7:6 must be interpreted in light of 7: 1-5.
839.  Mt. 7:11 shows that there is goodness in men and women, but not a goodness that saves.
840.  Mt. 7:12- "Do for others what you would like them to do for you.  This is the sum of all that is taught in the Law and the prophets."
841.  Mt. 7:15-20- To identify a godly person, look at the fruit.
842.  Mt. 7: 21-23- Obedience to what God says is the test of discipleship.
843.  Mt. 7: 24-27- Hard times come to the wise and the unwise.  Only the godly will stand.
844.  Jesus touched lepers, a violation of the letter, but not the spirit of the Law.
845.  The Roman Centurion used his own reason to understand Jesus's authority.
846.  Israelites will not enter the Kingdom because they are Israelites.  But many Gentiles will enter.
847.  Concerning the man who wanted to bury his father before he followed Jesus, Jesus refered to the father as spiritually dead, not physically dead.
848.  The Pharisees understood that Jesus was claiming to be God when He forgave sins.
849.  The power to heal was proof of Jesus' authority to forgive sins.
850.  The parables of the wineskins and the cloth was to show that the Jesus' teachings were to be followed in a new way, not by way of the religious formalism of the past.
851.  Mt. 9: 37-38- Shows that God will not do certain things unless we first ask Him.
852.  Jesus told the 12 disciples to go only to the lost sheep of Israel, which is a different command than in Lk. 10 when Jesus told the 70 to speak to all.
853.  Judas was given the same power the other disciples were given.
854.  The disciples were to practice relying totally on God on their journey.
855.  The student and the slave share their master's fate.
856.  The world can kill the body, but only the Father can send the body and the soul to Hell.
857.  Its not that we are to actually hate our loved ones, but our love for them cannot be greater than our love for Jesus.
858.  How do we prove that Jesus is the Messiah?  See Mt. 11: 4-5.
859.  All believers have in them the Kingdom of Heaven.  That is why they are greater than John the Baptist.
860.  The violent take the Kingdom, those that give their all to possess it.
861.  Jesus describes the generation He was addressing as one which tries to make God respond to their religious activity.
862.  Only the truly child-like will understand the Gospel.
863.  Jesus healing on the sabbath led to the 1st discussions among the Pharisees on killing Jesus.
864.  Anyone who performs the Fathers will is in the family of God.
865.  The parable of the farmer scattering seeds is to show that the most important element in Evangelism is the quality of the soil the seeds are planted in.
866.  Peoples' hearts are closed to the message of the Kingdom of God because they themselves have chosen not to see or hear.  So God cannot heal them.
867.  The Kingdom will have evil purged from it and then the righteous will truly shine.
868.  Unbelief on the peoples part prevented Jesus from performing miracles in Nazareth.
869.  Mt. 10: 34- 39 must be interpreted in the context of Mt. 15:1-9.
870.  Jesus expected the disciples to understand more than they actually did.
871.  Jesus's feeding of the 4 and 5,000 should have proved to the disciples that Jesus would protect all who trust in Him.
872.  After Peter's declaration as to who Jesus actually is, Jesus prepares them for what will happen to Him in Jerusalem.
873.  The motives of the disciples were mixed.  They had selfish ambition.
874.  Mt. 16:28- "And I assure you that some of you standing here right now will not die before you see me, the Son of Man, coming in my kingdom."  The Transfiguration.
875.  Mt. 17:5- "...This is my beloved Son, and I am fully pleased with him.  LISTEN TO HIM." (caps mine)  God was telling Peter and the others to believe Jesus when He speaks of what will happen to Him in Jerusalem.
876.  The disciples should have had enough faith to cast out the demon in the boy in chapter 17.  That is why Jesus is exasperated with them.
877.  Jesus speaks of cutting off members which cause us to sin in context of not tempting other people.
878.  When a fellow believer listens to counsel and confesses sins, that person is truly forgiven.
879.  The message of the unforgiving debtor- refusal to forgive will put you in your own prison.
880.  The disciples' reactions to Jesus' teaching on marriage worries them.  They still share the same attitudes toward women and marriage as the Pharisees.
881.  Jesus tells the rich young man only God is good.  Since Jesus is good, it follows that Jesus is God.
882.  Jesus only lists the final 6 commandments to the young man.
883.  The rich can be saved, but only by God.
884.  When Jesus spoke of His disciples sitting on 12 thrones, the disciples heard this with mixed motives.  That is why Jesus told them the least important will be the greatest.  20:1-16 is linked to 19: 27-30.
885.  When Jesus was praised by the little children as the Son of David in the Temple, they were speaking of Him as if He were God.  This is why the Pharisees were upset by the childrens' praise.
886.  When the Pharisees refused to answer Jesus' question concerning John the Baptist, Jesus refused to answer theirs.  He was not going to argue with them since their arguements were not rooted in sincerity.
887.  Jesus, in speaking of who the Messiah is, says not only is He the Son of David, but He is God as well.
888.  The Pharisees obey the letter of the Law, but ignore justice, mercy and faith.
889.  Mt. 23: 34-  Here Jesus speaks of sending prophets Himself, claiming to be God.
890.  The disciples asked Jesus when the Temple will be destroyed and the End come.  In their minds, it is one question.  But are they really asking two seperate questions?
891.  The key of endurance- LOVE.
892.  The End will come only after the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached over the whole world.
893.  When Jesus was annointed by Mary in Betheny, she understood that Jesus was to die, more so than the 12 disciples.  The events of the annointing drove Judas to betray Jesus.
894.  When the disciples saw that Jesus would not resist arrest, they were siezed with fear and fled.
895.  The shedding of innocent blood by Manasseh was the stated reason why God sent Judah into exile, so the land could be healed.  When Judas confesses that he has betrayed an innocent man, the priests respond-"Why do we care?...Thats your problem."
896.  If the wine mixed with bitter gall made one suffer less, perhaps that is why Jesus refused it.
897.  "Eli, Eli, lema sabacthani."  Said in Aramaic.  The Hebrew speaking Jews perhaps did not understand?
898.  The NLT leaves out the verses depicting Jesus' body being speared.
899.  After Jesus was raised from the dead, the priests were more concerned about covering it up rather than responding to the Resurrection.
900.  Jesus will be with us to the end of the age- the Holy Spirit in us, the promise of the Father. 

901.  People publicly confessed their sins and repented.  Baptism was a public sign of repentence.
902.  Jesus taught every Sabbath in the synagogue.  He taught like one who has authority, not like the teachers of the Law.
903.  Because Jesus had no sin, the demons knew who He was.
904.  Jesus commanded the demons to be quiet concerning His identity.  It was not yet time to make a full and public pronouncement concerning His identity.
905.  Jesus expelled the demons and the people responded: "What new teaching is this?"  If theses acts are part of Jesus ministry while on earth, how does this affect our ministry?
906.  If Jesus expelled demons everywhere, just how widespread is demon possession?
907.  Jesus knew it was more important to spread the Gospel message rather than minister in just one place.
908.  Jesus' family thought He was insane, even Mary, who knew the Father's promises concerning Him.
909.  The Parables describe the Kingdom of God.
910.  In the parable of the soils, each individual has the ability to determine the quality of the soil he/she has.  Otherwise, why would Jesus tell a story about the soil of our hearts if we could do nothing about it?
911.  Jesus expected His disciples to understand the parables and have faith.
912.  The more openness to Jesus' message, the more understanding you will have.
913.  Jesus' hometown was offended that He performed miracles rather than being amazed and grateful. 
914.  Herod liked to hear John the baptist, but John's message disturbed Herod.  How typical is this among those we evangelize today?
915.  Jesus feeding the 5,000 with the loaves did not cause the disciples to exercise faith.  Their hearts were hard and they did not believe.
916.  When Jesus healed the man with a speech impediment by spitting, Jesus wanted to keep the healing secret.  Is this because Jesus was concerned the crowd would put their faith in the method?
917.  Satan wants us to look at everything from a human point of view. 
918.  When Jesus told the disciples He had to die and be raised again, they did not understand.
919.  We must have the qualities of salt and live in peace among each other.
920.  Children and the blind were looked down upon, which was why the disiples and the crowd thought they were a bother to Jesus.
921.  When James and John claimed they were able to drink the cup of bitter sorrow, they were boasting about their strength.  Little did they realize the Holy Spirit within them would enable them.
922.  The 12 disciples and the other followers had a dreadful feeling as Jesus went to Jerusalem.  They did not understand His message concerning His death, but they knew it was dangerous to go to Jerusalem.
923.  When we prays, one must forgive those we have a grudge against or else God will not hear our prayers.
924.  The Pharisees wanted to kill Jesus for chasing the money changers out of the Temple as well as for speaking parables against them.
925.  When the Pharisees asked Jesus about paying taxes to Caesar, they didn't try the direct approach but tried to trick Him through flattery.
926.  The Sadducees didn't know Scripture or the power of God.
927.  Jesus was more sorrowful for the seperation from God's precense while on the Cross than for the physical suffering.
928.  To end at v. 8 in chapter 16 is not to conclude the theme of the Resurrection as Jesus makes no personal appearence.  The shorter ending provided by the NLT is too abrupt an ending.   

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

90 Days: Day 72

Finished Mark, read Lk 1.

Friday, March 12, 2010

90 Days: Day 71

Finished Matthew and read Mark 1-9.  Impressions on Matthew and Mark will appear on Monday.  Remaining posts on my impressions of my reading will only appear on Mondays.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

90 Days: Day 69

Read Mt. 5- 15.

Bible In 90 Days: The Minor Prophets

For 1- 723, click the "Bible in 90 Days: Impressions Link" below.

724.  Hosea received these messages from God during the time of Isaiah in Judah.
725.  The Lord will punish Israel but deliver Judah.
726.  Both Israel and Judah will be reunited under one ruler.
727.  God was avenging Jehu's killing of Ahab's family at Jezreel.  But I thought God ordered Jehu to act as he did.
728.  God will punish Israel, then redeem her.  Israel will call God her husband instead of master.
729.  Just as Hosea buys back Gomer, God will redeem Israel.
730.  The Lord's anger at Israel is directed toward the priests. 4:6- "It is all your fault, you priests, for you yourselves refuse to know me..."
731.  Hos. 4:8- "The priests get fed when the people sin and bring their sin offerings to them.  So the priests are glad when the people sin."
732.  Hos. 8:10- "But though they have sold themselves to many lands, I will now gather them together.  Then they will writhe under the burden of the great king!"
733.  Hos 8:11- "Israel has built many altars to take away sin, but these very altars became places of sinning!"
734.  Israel will be banished to Assyria and Egypt and cannot offer sacrifices to the Lord because all their food will be unclean.
735.  The people hate the prophets, even in the Temple, because the people are full of sin and plot to entrap the prophets.
736.  11:1- A prophecy of Christ in the midst of a history of Israel's sins.
737.  Hos. 13:11- "In my anger I gave you kings, and in my fury I took them away."
738.  13:13- Israel has been offered new birth, but Israel acts like a child resisiting its own birth.
739.  14:2- "Forgive our sins and graciously receive us, so that we may offer you the sacrifice of praise."

740.  Never again will God punish Israel with locusts.
741.  When the locusts destroyed all the crops, there was nothing that could be offered as a sacrifice in the Temple.
742.  God asks for a repentence in which hearts, not clothes, are torn.
743.  Joel 2:28-32- God's promise of sending the Holy Spirit upon all, and all who call on His name will be saved.
744.  All the armies of the nations will be judged for attacking Israel in the Valley of Decision.

745.  Amos was a shepherd.  He received messages from God during the time of Isaiah.
746.  A pronouncement of judgement upon Israel's neighbors.
747.  Israel caused the Nazarites to sin by making them drink wine.
748.  Amos 3:15- "My people have forgotten what it is to do right," says the Lord.
749.  Despite all the judgements God brought upon Israel, Israel would not repent.
750.  God is going to judge Israel for injustice.
751.  Israel thinks the Day of the Lord will be a triumph as the Lord destroys her enemies, but Israel doesn't know her own judgement is coming.
752.  The idle rich will be the first led away as captives.
753.  Amos asked the Lord not to destroy Israel with locusts or fire and the Lord relented.
754.  When Amos was ordered by the people to leave Israel, he refused.
755.  The Lord swore by His own name that He will punish Israel for injustice.
756.  Israel can't wait for the Sabbath to end so it can resume its evil ways.
757.  Israel will suffer a famine of hearing God's Word.
758.  God asks Israel if she is more important than other nations.  Has not God worked for other nations as well?
759.  God will sift Israel like wheat; not one true kernal will be lost.


760.  Edom will be destroyed for what it did to Israel.  History will no longer remember Edom.
761.  Israel will be a place of refuge for those who escape God's wrath on other nations, as well as a refuge for God's people.


762.  The sailors experience turned them to God.
763.  The whale swallowing Jonah was God's way of saving Jonah.
764.  The Assyrian king understood repentence.
765.  Jonah knew God was merciful, but did not want mercy for Israel's enemies.


766.  Who does God blame for idolatry in Israel and Judah?  Samaria and Jerusalem, the capital cities.  Lachish was the first city in Judah to introduce idolatry, so it is to blame for Jerusalem's apostacy.
767.  The prophets will be punished and will admit they did not hear from God.
768.  Israel will one day defeat her enemies and give the plunder to God.
769.  What does the Lord require of us?  To do what is right, to love mercy and walk humbly with our God.
770.  No one can trust their own family members.
771.  Micah confesses that he has sinned and will be punished.  But the Lord will restore him and punish his enemies.
772.  The Lord's restoration of Israel will show surrounding nations just how powerless they really are.
773.  The Lord will not be angry at His people forever because He loves mercy.

774.  Judgement against Nineveh.  Its wealth will be plundered.  It enticed other nations into idolatry.  All who suffered its cruelty will celebrate its downfall.

775.  No matter what punishment God inflicts on His people, Habakkuk will praise the Lord.
776.  Habakkuk's prayer in chapter 3 was to be sung and accompanied by musical instruments.

777.  Zeph 1:12- "I will search with lanterns in Jerusalem's darkest corners to find and punish those who sit contented in their sins, indifferent to the Lord, thinking he will do nothing at all to them"
778.  Zeph. 2:1-2- The Lord warns Judah to repent before He brings judgement upon her.  The Lord's appeal is directed at those who are humble and uphold justice.
779.  The few surviviors in Judah will live in the houses of the destroyed Philistines as the Lord will visit His people with kindness and restore their prosperity.
780.  Moab and Ammon, the descendants of Lot and his daughters, will become as Sodom and Gomorrah.
781.  The Lord punished other nations so they would repent and follow the God of Israel, but they would not repent.
782.  Zeph. 3:9- "On that day I will purify the lips of all people, so that everyone will be able to worship the Lord together."

783.  The people do not prosper because they have rebuilt their homes before rebuilding the Temple.  The rebuilt Temple will be smaller, but it will be more glorious.

784.  The nations used by the Lord to punish Israel and Judah went beyond what the Lord intended, incurring the Lord's wrath.
785.  Jerusalem will have so many people that many will live outside the city gates.  The Lord will be their gate of protection and the Lord will be the glory inside the city.
786.  Many nations will become the Lord's people after the Lord restores Israel.
787.  Chapter 3- The Lord rejects the accusations of Satan against the high priest Jeshua.  The Lord takes off his filthy clothes, as taking away his sins, and gives him clean ones.  This is a prophecy of good things to come, the coming of the branch, Jesus.
788.  Zerubbabel laid the cornerstone of the Temple and he will complete it.  The Lord tells us not to despise such small beginnings.
789.  Chapter 6- A prophecy of Christ.  He will rule as priest and king with no disharmony between the two roles.
790.  Chapter7- A call from God to be more concerned about justice than religious formalism.
791.  Among the nations, Israel is a symbol of what it is to be cursed; now it will be a symbol of blessing.  The Lord did not change His mind concerning judgement; He will not change his mind concerning this.
792.  When the Philistines are punished, they will no longer eat meat with the blood still in it or other forbidden foods.  Then they will join God's people as the Jebusites did.
793.  Zech. 9:9-10- A prophecy of Christ entering Jerusalem and of His kingdom extending over the whole world.
794.  Zech. 10:2- "Household gods give false advice, fortune-tellers predict only lies, and interpreters of dreams pronounce comfortless falsehoods.  So my people are wandering like lost sheep, without a shepherd to protect and guide them."
795.  Zech. 11:4-17- A prophecy of Judas?
796.  Zech. 12-13- A prophecy of Christ.
797.  The Lord will punish all of Judah's enemies by making Judah a stumbling stone for them. No one who comes against Judah will remain unscathed.
798.  When the Lord comes, the natural sources of light will disappear, but there will be continuous light.  Zech. 14:7- "...Only the Lord knows how this could happen..."
799.  Life giving waters will flow out of Jerusalem into the Dead Sea and into the Mediterrianian.
800.  The Lord will be king over all the earth and only His name will be worshipped.
801.  All nations that refuse to worship in Jerusalem will be denied rain.
802. All pots and pans in Jerusalem will be made holy for the preparing of sacrifices.
803. There will no longer be traders in the Temple.

804.  The Lord demonstrates His love for Israel by loving Jacob and turning Esau's land into desert.  Edom says it will rebuild, but will be stopped by the Lord.  Then Israel will realize God's power reaches beyond Israel.
805.  The Lord will not answer the prayers of priests who offer unworthy sacrifices (the lame, blind and sick).
806.  Mal. 1:11- "But my name is honored by people of other nations from morning till night.  All around the world they offer sweet incense and pure offerings in honor of my name..."
807.  God made a covenant with the Levites which required right living on their part.  They once turned sinners to God.  But later, the Levites showed partiality in their interpretation of the Law, leading people into sin.
808.  The Lord will judge those who married women who worshipped idols.
809.  The Lord will punish the inhabitants of the land for divorce.
810.  The purpose of marriage is to produce godly offspring.
811.  The Lord says divorce is as cruel as putting on a victims bloodstained coat.
812.  The people cheated the Lord by failing to bring their tithes to the Lord so there would always be enough food in the Temple.
813.  The Lord reminds the people to obey the Law of Moses.
814.  Mal 4: 5-6- A prophecy of John the Baptist: "His preaching will turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents.  Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse."

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90 Days: Day 68

Finished Zechariah, read all of Malachi and the first four chapters of Matthew.  Impressions for the Minor prophets will appear tomorrow.

Monday, March 8, 2010

90 Days: Days 64, 65, 66 and 67

Day 64: Read Dan. 9- Hos. 13.
Day 65: Missed this day.
Day 66: Read the previous days assigned reading, Hos. 14, Joel and Amos and the assignment for this day, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah and Nahum.
Day 67: Read Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai and Zechariah 1- 10.

Impressions on all the Minor Prophets will appear together.

Bible In 90 Days: Daniel

For 1- 692, click the "Bible in 90 Days: Impressions" link below.

693.  Daniel went to Babylon during the 1st exile of Judah.
694.  Daniel made up his mind to follow God in Babylon.
695.  God gave Daniel his abilities and gave him favor with Babylonian royal officials.
696.  Daniel stayed in Babylon until King Cyrus' 1st year as king.  Did Daniel return to Judah?
697.  Daniel gave God the credit for his knowledge of the King's dream.
698.  Daniel was able to save all the wise men of Babylon, gaining their favor.
699.  David was made ruler over all of Babylon.
700.  The 4th person with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego- Jesus! 
701.  After the Lord's rescue of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, no one in Babylon was allowed to speak against the Lord.
702.  The King's dream was to show him that all rulers get their power from God, but the King continued to oppress the poor, so the King had to learn the hard way.
703.  Belshazar's reign ended when he worshipped idols while drinking from the Temple cups.
704.  Daniel was still honored by the King despite God's message.
705.  Daniel did not hide his worship of God, even if it cost him his life.
706.  King Darius hoped God would rescue Daniel, but he had no sure faith God would do so.
707.  After God rescued Daniel, Darius issued a decree that all should fear God.  Is this the introduction of monotheism into Babylon?
708.  In Daniel's vision in chapter 7, the holy ones will receive the power of earthly kingdoms and rule forever.
709.  Chapter 8- a vision of the end of time.
710.  Daniel declares the prophets' writings God's Word.
711.  Daniel had a copy of Jeremiah.
712.  Daniel, while a great man of God, includes himself in confessing Israel's sins.
713.  Daniel 9- a prophesy of the end times.
714.  Visions from God to Daniel and answers to his prayers came during periods of mourning by Daniel.
715.  In chapter 10, is it Jesus Daniel is talking to?
716.  Chapter 10 refers to the Spirit of Persia, a kingdom which did not yet exist.
717.  Spiritual battles unseen by humans are refered to.
718.  Chapter 11- A prophecy of Greece and its history of interaction with Israel.
719.  Is this partly a prophecy of Alexander the Great? 
720.  Are chapters 10 and 11 linked?  Or are they totally seperate prophecies?
721.  In the last days, the wise dead will arise to glory, the unwise to punishment.
722.  A prophecy of the afterlife.  In the meantime, the wise will be tested and purified by these trials.
723.  Dan. 12:10- "Many will be purified, cleansed, and refined by these trials.  But the wicked will continue in their wickedness, and none of them will understand..."  

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90 Days: Day 63

Read Ez. 48 and Dan. 1-8.  Tomorrow I am going on the road and will not be in front of a computer until Monday.  I will be able to keep up with my daily readings but not able to post my progress until Monday.

Bible In 90 Days: Ezekiel

For 1- 647, click the "Bible in 90 Days: Impressions Link" below.

648.  Ezekiel went to Babylon during the 1st exile that included Daniel.
649.  What Ezekiel saw in his first vision was powered by the Spirit.
650.  If Judah does not listen to Ezekiel, at least Judah's inhabitants will know they had a prophet among them.
651.  Ez. 3:10-11- "...Son of man, let all my words sink deep into your own heart first.  Listen carefully for yourself.  Then go to your people in exile and say to them, 'This is what the Sovereign Lord says...' "
652.  God will give Ezekiel messages, but Ezekiel is not to pray for the people.
653.  The years of Israel's sins- 390; Judah's- 40.
654.  After these things come to pass, Israelites will hate themselves for their sins.
655.  Ez. 7:13- On the coming judgement: "...No one person whose life is twisted by sin will recover."
656.  Those who sin say "The Lord doesn't see it."
657.  The Lord had a mark placed on the forehead of those who did not sin secretly.
658.  Some in Judah will be spared so they can confess their sins to their captors.
659.  Judah thinks the passing of time proves prophecies of destruction are lies.
660.  God will punish those who set up idols in their hearts, fall into sin and then ask a prophet for help.
661.  The presence of Noah, Daniel and Job would not save Judah.
662.  When Ezekiel meets the survivors who join him in exile, he will see how wicked they really are and then he will know that the punishment inflicted upon them by God was right.
663.  Judah wasted the beauty God gave her on others like a prostitute.
664.  Ez. 16: 61-62- Samaria and Sodom will be Judah's daughters, even though they are not part of the Lord's covenant with Judah.
665.  King Zedekiah will be punished for violating the treaty he made with Babylon in God's name.
666.  No one dies for their parents sins, only for their own. This indicates that we are not punished for Adam's sin in the Garden but only for our own sins.
667.  God does not like to see the wicked die, but wishes they would repent.
668.  The Lord argues that He, God, is just and Israel is unjust.
669.  Ez. 20: 12 and 20- "I gave them my Sabbath days of rest as a sign between them and me.  It was to remind them that I, the Lord, had set them apart to be holy, making them my special people."  "and keep my Sabbath days holy, for they are a sign to remind you that I am the Lord your God."
670.  Ezekiel complained to God that the people sayed he spoke in riddles.
671.  Ez. 21:27- "Destruction! Destruction!  I will surely destroy the kingdom.  And it will not be restored until the one who appears who has the right to judge it.  Then I will hand it over to him."
672.  Even the common people of Judah oppress the weak and vulnerable.
673.  Ez. 22:30- "I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land.  I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn't have to destroy the land, but I found no one."
674.  Ezekiel's wife died and he was not to mourn.  This was to show how Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia will be punished for their attitudes towards and mistreatment of Judah.
675.  God will give the plunder of Egypt to Babylon, a reward for destroying Tyre.
676.  Egypt will be restored, but will be a minor kingdom.  Then Israel will learn never to put its trust in Egypt again.
677.  The watchman is to warn of impending attack.  If he fails to warn, he is responsible.  If he is not heeded, the people are responsible. 
678.  Those that repent will not be punished.  Those good people who turn to evil, the Lord will forget their former goodness.
679.  The people listened to Ezekiel's messages to be entertained.
680.  Ez. 34- The Lord will destroy the shepherds who failed to care for the people.  Then the Lord Himself will be their shepherd.  A prophecy of Christ.
681.  God will remove Israel's stoney heart of sin and write His laws on their new obedient heart.
682.  God is not returning Israel to the land because they deserve it, but to bring honor to His own name.
683.  God will reunite Judah and Israel and they will have one king, David- Jesus.
684.  Gog will attack Israel, but God will display His own holiness in defeating Gog.  The bodies will be buried to cleanse the land.  Then the world will know that it was the Lord who exiled Israel because of sin.
685.  No uncircumsized foreigner will be allowed in the new Temple.  Perhaps this was one reason the Lord was angry at Hezekiah.
686.  The descendants of the Levites who caused Israel to sin by encouraging idol worship cannot minister in the new Temple.  They will have maintenance positions.  Those Levites descended from Zadok will serve as priests and they can only marry virgins from Israel or priest's widows.
687.  Only gifts of land from the Prince to his sons are permanent.  All other gifts revert back to the original owners during the year of Jubilee.  The Prince can only give gifts of land from his own property.  No one is to be ejected from their land unjustly.
688.  The river that flows from the Temple will provide healing for the Dead Sea.
689.  Foreigners living in Israel will remain in the land given to Israel as an inheritance.
690.  The land allotted to the Levites can't be sold; it belongs to the Lord, set apart as holy.
691.  The name of the city will be called "The Lord Is There."
692.  I'm not sure how Ez. 40-48 fits into the prophetic scheme.     

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90 Days: Day 61

Read Ez. 24-35.

90 Days: Day 60

Yesterday I read Ez. 13- 23, but I did not get any computer time.