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Bible In 90 Days: The Minor Prophets

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724.  Hosea received these messages from God during the time of Isaiah in Judah.
725.  The Lord will punish Israel but deliver Judah.
726.  Both Israel and Judah will be reunited under one ruler.
727.  God was avenging Jehu's killing of Ahab's family at Jezreel.  But I thought God ordered Jehu to act as he did.
728.  God will punish Israel, then redeem her.  Israel will call God her husband instead of master.
729.  Just as Hosea buys back Gomer, God will redeem Israel.
730.  The Lord's anger at Israel is directed toward the priests. 4:6- "It is all your fault, you priests, for you yourselves refuse to know me..."
731.  Hos. 4:8- "The priests get fed when the people sin and bring their sin offerings to them.  So the priests are glad when the people sin."
732.  Hos. 8:10- "But though they have sold themselves to many lands, I will now gather them together.  Then they will writhe under the burden of the great king!"
733.  Hos 8:11- "Israel has built many altars to take away sin, but these very altars became places of sinning!"
734.  Israel will be banished to Assyria and Egypt and cannot offer sacrifices to the Lord because all their food will be unclean.
735.  The people hate the prophets, even in the Temple, because the people are full of sin and plot to entrap the prophets.
736.  11:1- A prophecy of Christ in the midst of a history of Israel's sins.
737.  Hos. 13:11- "In my anger I gave you kings, and in my fury I took them away."
738.  13:13- Israel has been offered new birth, but Israel acts like a child resisiting its own birth.
739.  14:2- "Forgive our sins and graciously receive us, so that we may offer you the sacrifice of praise."

740.  Never again will God punish Israel with locusts.
741.  When the locusts destroyed all the crops, there was nothing that could be offered as a sacrifice in the Temple.
742.  God asks for a repentence in which hearts, not clothes, are torn.
743.  Joel 2:28-32- God's promise of sending the Holy Spirit upon all, and all who call on His name will be saved.
744.  All the armies of the nations will be judged for attacking Israel in the Valley of Decision.

745.  Amos was a shepherd.  He received messages from God during the time of Isaiah.
746.  A pronouncement of judgement upon Israel's neighbors.
747.  Israel caused the Nazarites to sin by making them drink wine.
748.  Amos 3:15- "My people have forgotten what it is to do right," says the Lord.
749.  Despite all the judgements God brought upon Israel, Israel would not repent.
750.  God is going to judge Israel for injustice.
751.  Israel thinks the Day of the Lord will be a triumph as the Lord destroys her enemies, but Israel doesn't know her own judgement is coming.
752.  The idle rich will be the first led away as captives.
753.  Amos asked the Lord not to destroy Israel with locusts or fire and the Lord relented.
754.  When Amos was ordered by the people to leave Israel, he refused.
755.  The Lord swore by His own name that He will punish Israel for injustice.
756.  Israel can't wait for the Sabbath to end so it can resume its evil ways.
757.  Israel will suffer a famine of hearing God's Word.
758.  God asks Israel if she is more important than other nations.  Has not God worked for other nations as well?
759.  God will sift Israel like wheat; not one true kernal will be lost.


760.  Edom will be destroyed for what it did to Israel.  History will no longer remember Edom.
761.  Israel will be a place of refuge for those who escape God's wrath on other nations, as well as a refuge for God's people.


762.  The sailors experience turned them to God.
763.  The whale swallowing Jonah was God's way of saving Jonah.
764.  The Assyrian king understood repentence.
765.  Jonah knew God was merciful, but did not want mercy for Israel's enemies.


766.  Who does God blame for idolatry in Israel and Judah?  Samaria and Jerusalem, the capital cities.  Lachish was the first city in Judah to introduce idolatry, so it is to blame for Jerusalem's apostacy.
767.  The prophets will be punished and will admit they did not hear from God.
768.  Israel will one day defeat her enemies and give the plunder to God.
769.  What does the Lord require of us?  To do what is right, to love mercy and walk humbly with our God.
770.  No one can trust their own family members.
771.  Micah confesses that he has sinned and will be punished.  But the Lord will restore him and punish his enemies.
772.  The Lord's restoration of Israel will show surrounding nations just how powerless they really are.
773.  The Lord will not be angry at His people forever because He loves mercy.

774.  Judgement against Nineveh.  Its wealth will be plundered.  It enticed other nations into idolatry.  All who suffered its cruelty will celebrate its downfall.

775.  No matter what punishment God inflicts on His people, Habakkuk will praise the Lord.
776.  Habakkuk's prayer in chapter 3 was to be sung and accompanied by musical instruments.

777.  Zeph 1:12- "I will search with lanterns in Jerusalem's darkest corners to find and punish those who sit contented in their sins, indifferent to the Lord, thinking he will do nothing at all to them"
778.  Zeph. 2:1-2- The Lord warns Judah to repent before He brings judgement upon her.  The Lord's appeal is directed at those who are humble and uphold justice.
779.  The few surviviors in Judah will live in the houses of the destroyed Philistines as the Lord will visit His people with kindness and restore their prosperity.
780.  Moab and Ammon, the descendants of Lot and his daughters, will become as Sodom and Gomorrah.
781.  The Lord punished other nations so they would repent and follow the God of Israel, but they would not repent.
782.  Zeph. 3:9- "On that day I will purify the lips of all people, so that everyone will be able to worship the Lord together."

783.  The people do not prosper because they have rebuilt their homes before rebuilding the Temple.  The rebuilt Temple will be smaller, but it will be more glorious.

784.  The nations used by the Lord to punish Israel and Judah went beyond what the Lord intended, incurring the Lord's wrath.
785.  Jerusalem will have so many people that many will live outside the city gates.  The Lord will be their gate of protection and the Lord will be the glory inside the city.
786.  Many nations will become the Lord's people after the Lord restores Israel.
787.  Chapter 3- The Lord rejects the accusations of Satan against the high priest Jeshua.  The Lord takes off his filthy clothes, as taking away his sins, and gives him clean ones.  This is a prophecy of good things to come, the coming of the branch, Jesus.
788.  Zerubbabel laid the cornerstone of the Temple and he will complete it.  The Lord tells us not to despise such small beginnings.
789.  Chapter 6- A prophecy of Christ.  He will rule as priest and king with no disharmony between the two roles.
790.  Chapter7- A call from God to be more concerned about justice than religious formalism.
791.  Among the nations, Israel is a symbol of what it is to be cursed; now it will be a symbol of blessing.  The Lord did not change His mind concerning judgement; He will not change his mind concerning this.
792.  When the Philistines are punished, they will no longer eat meat with the blood still in it or other forbidden foods.  Then they will join God's people as the Jebusites did.
793.  Zech. 9:9-10- A prophecy of Christ entering Jerusalem and of His kingdom extending over the whole world.
794.  Zech. 10:2- "Household gods give false advice, fortune-tellers predict only lies, and interpreters of dreams pronounce comfortless falsehoods.  So my people are wandering like lost sheep, without a shepherd to protect and guide them."
795.  Zech. 11:4-17- A prophecy of Judas?
796.  Zech. 12-13- A prophecy of Christ.
797.  The Lord will punish all of Judah's enemies by making Judah a stumbling stone for them. No one who comes against Judah will remain unscathed.
798.  When the Lord comes, the natural sources of light will disappear, but there will be continuous light.  Zech. 14:7- "...Only the Lord knows how this could happen..."
799.  Life giving waters will flow out of Jerusalem into the Dead Sea and into the Mediterrianian.
800.  The Lord will be king over all the earth and only His name will be worshipped.
801.  All nations that refuse to worship in Jerusalem will be denied rain.
802. All pots and pans in Jerusalem will be made holy for the preparing of sacrifices.
803. There will no longer be traders in the Temple.

804.  The Lord demonstrates His love for Israel by loving Jacob and turning Esau's land into desert.  Edom says it will rebuild, but will be stopped by the Lord.  Then Israel will realize God's power reaches beyond Israel.
805.  The Lord will not answer the prayers of priests who offer unworthy sacrifices (the lame, blind and sick).
806.  Mal. 1:11- "But my name is honored by people of other nations from morning till night.  All around the world they offer sweet incense and pure offerings in honor of my name..."
807.  God made a covenant with the Levites which required right living on their part.  They once turned sinners to God.  But later, the Levites showed partiality in their interpretation of the Law, leading people into sin.
808.  The Lord will judge those who married women who worshipped idols.
809.  The Lord will punish the inhabitants of the land for divorce.
810.  The purpose of marriage is to produce godly offspring.
811.  The Lord says divorce is as cruel as putting on a victims bloodstained coat.
812.  The people cheated the Lord by failing to bring their tithes to the Lord so there would always be enough food in the Temple.
813.  The Lord reminds the people to obey the Law of Moses.
814.  Mal 4: 5-6- A prophecy of John the Baptist: "His preaching will turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents.  Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse."

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