Monday, March 29, 2010

Comment Policy

All reader comments on Redemptive Thoughts and Notes From My Study will not be posted without prior approval by me. Blogger may send your comment to the spam file, so I might not see it right away.  I check the spam file twice a week, so please be patient. All comments must adhere the the following policy concerning comments:

1. Abusive, foul and threatening language is forbidden.  Those who I have observed displaying un-Christlike behavior towards me or others on other websites will not post here.

2. I will not post any comments branding me a heretic, one who does not honor Scripture, etc. Nor will I approve any comments questioning my motives. In the past, I have been so grateful for any comment on my humble little blog that I approved all comments. When accused by some poor, deluded soul that my posts were heretical, I tried to reason with them. It did not work; I only was showered with more abuse. Such people are not interested in reasonable dialogue. Why should I allow myself to be subject to such ignorance. Therefore no such comments will be posted. For an example of such unacceptable comments, see here, from an earlier post on this blog. If you want to apply an adjective, adverb or any other English grammatical construction to me, it had better be nice.

3. The opinions of all will be respected and not maligned. No legitimate Christian tradition, whether mine or someone elses, will be labeled as heresy.

4. No insulting language concerning God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit will be posted. This is a website that honors the Triune God. Those who practice other religions, agnostics, or atheists are welcome to comment just so you follow this rule. Show respect for my beliefs as I will try to show respect for yours. No insulting language concerning the world wide Church will be permitted, although if someone wishes to challenge Church positions on cultural issues or its past conduct, if those comments are not in violation of the Comment Policy, they will be posted and responded to.

5. All comments must relate to the subject matter of the post.

6. No "information dumping" will be tolerated. While lengthy comments are permitted, I do know when someone is saturating the Comment section with lengthy posts simply to waste my time in reading and responding, to change the focus from the point of the original post, to encourage other readers to give up following the comments any further, as well as to discourage my continuing the conversation.

7. All comments must be in English.

8. If a person posts a comment to promote their blog or product, I have no objection as long as the comment appears to be a legitimate response to a blog post. These comments will be considered on a case by case basis.

9. I welcome those who wish to post comments disagreeing with any position I have taken on a particular issue. However, I will not tolerate those who post negative comments on nearly every post. Those who do so will be warned. I will not allow anyone to become "The House Critic" who chases away other readers. Use discretion in determining how often you post contrary comments here. I exercise the same discretion when I comment on other websites. Failure to honor this policy will result in being banned from this site.

10.  The purpose of this blog is for public interaction; all interaction between readers and myself will take place in the comment section of this blog. I will not give out my personal contact information to anyone I am not acquainted with. If you do not want to identify yourself, blogger gives you the option to comment anonymously.

If a reader's comment is in violation of this Comment Policy, his/her comment will not be posted. However, that person will be given one chance to amend their ways. If they still fail to abide by the policy, any comment they send will be rejected without being read.

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