Sunday, June 13, 2010

Devotions Written

I have written more devotional pieces that will appear on my main blog These devotionals are short impressionistic looks at various Scriptures which can be later developed into sermons.  They will appear on the blog feature "Monday Morning Devotions."  I have almost enough for six months worth of entries, though I may decide some may not be good enough to publish.  I will now work on other forms of Scripture studies that will appear on redemptivethoughts.  The first will be a study of Jn. 12-17.

One project that is long overdue is to take notes on Part II of Wesley's "Original Sin."  It must be nearly a year since I read it.  It needs to be finished so I can read the rest of it and do a series on it on my main blog.  This will be a slow process considering the manner in which this is written.

Those other projects that appeared on this blog, such as Thomas Oden's "Classical Pastoral Care" and articles on Scripture and its origins will continue. 

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