Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meeting Tonight

This evening I met with two members of the state credentials committee for the Christian fellowship of which I am a member.  The meeting went well as I discussed my call to ministry with them.  Soon I will travel to the state capital for a state-wide camp meeting and in August will hopefully be presented to the General Assembly. 

You may notice that the preceding paragraph lacks specifics.  Since I have just moved from Champaign, Il, I have made the decision not to reveal where I now reside on my blogs.  The reason is simple.  There has been one attempt that I know of to ascertain my exact whereabouts.  In May of 2008, I wrote a review of the documentary "Expelled." Apparently someone took exception to what I wrote.  This person managed to find my parents number and demanded that they give him my phone number.  He asked them if I had actually graduated from college.  My parents had no clue what he was talking about as they do not read my blog (nothing personal, they are in their 80's and are just not into blogs).  They were understandably upset by the experience.  I also managed to draw the ire of an unstable person on Christianity Today websites.  (This person's comments are no longer published on these sites.)  Now that I have changed locations, my profile states only that I reside in the USA.  I also no longer reveal my age.  For these reasons, I do not state which Christian fellowship I am now involved with, or where I attend church.  I am willing to disclose my location on other venues, but for the time being, not on my blogs.  I hope this doesn't seem too strange, but I think this is a prudent decision.    

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