Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teaching, Preaching And A Possible Hospital Ministry

I haven't had much time to update you on my activities.  Here is the run down:

I am still teaching from Philippians on Wednesday evenings. We are in chapter 3.  I had planned to give a brief overview of the lessons here but instead I will feature that on my audio blog.  When they are posted, it will be announced here.

This Sunday, I preached on the Beatitudes.  I haven't decided whether to post the sermon on my audio blog.  If I do, only the first 30 minutes will be posted.  I will post my background notes here.  I have found some old sermons of mine on tape.  I may post one or two on the audio blog.

There is an opportunity for me to participate in a hospital ministry.  The training is 18 weeks.  Many are interested and they may not accept all who go through the training process.  I am hoping to make the cut.

A couple of weeks ago my pastor officially introduced me to the state organization of the religious affiliation to which I belong. (I do not identify my state nor my religious affiliation.  I try to be as anonymous as I can.  My religious affiliation is Wesleyan in theological orientation.)  This introduction is the formal beginning of the process of ordination.  I was told that the state organization would like to have the process completed in one year's time.

After I finish the series I am working on on my main blog, I will again be posting regularly here.

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