Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scriptures Relating To Man's Rebellion and Sinful State

From Dennis F. Kinlaw's "Let's Start With Jesus: A New Way of Doing Theology."

Mans rebellion- Gen. 6:5, Is. 53: 3, 6, 10, 13, Ezk 22 (see v. 30), Rom. 2:8 (eritheia- self seeking),5:12-18

Man's sinful state- Rom 3: 10-18 with Old Testament parallels- 3:10-12 (Ps. 14: 1-3), 3:13 (Ps. 5: 9, 140:3), 3:14 (Ps. 140:3), 15-18 (Is. 59:7-8, Ps. 36:1).  All creation, including Man, groans for redemption- Rom 8:19-22.

On the meaning of flesh/sarx from my main blog: This seperation is so total that Paul uses one word as a metonym for this: flesh (sarx). When Paul writes of the flesh, he is not referring to some Greek dualism such as the flesh v. the Spirit. Adam and Eve experienced life in the Spirit before they sinned. Life in the flesh is life lived in our own strength and desires. Kinlaw quotes Lesslie Newbigin to illustrate this: "The words 'flesh' and 'Spirit' do not refer to parallel and analogous realities in our experience, such as 'visible' and 'invisible' or 'lower nature' and 'higher nature.'...Flesh...denotes the whole of our creaturely being insofar as it seeks to organize itself and to exist in its own power apart from the continually renewed presence and power of God 'from above.' " (Kinlaw, p. 119)

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