Friday, January 4, 2013


Jesus prepared his disciples to suffer; he prepares us today as well.

First, he spoke of the suffering he was to endure: Lk: 22:37, Jn 15: 18-20, 1Jn. 4: 17. He spoke these verses in connection with his own suffering: Mt. 16: 21-26, 10:34-39. His suffering is an example for us to follow: 1Pet. 2:20f.

The Church will suffer at the hands of the state when the life of the state becomes controlled by a false view of salvation: Mt: 24:5, 11, 23-26, 1Tim 4:1, 2Pet. 2, 1Jn. 4:1, Jude 4.

We are called to endure suffering with joy: Mt. 5:10, Acts 5:41, 1Thess. 3:2f., James 1:2, Rom. 8:17, Col. 1:24. The Church represents Christ in its sufferings. One of the burdens the church will face is post Christian indifference: 1Pet. 4:12.

From Christ The Meaning of History by Hendrikus Berkhof

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