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Notes On Joshua

I taught one lesson on the book of Joshua on a Wed. morning, I think on 12/4. I have been unable to teach on Wed. since then. On the 11th, my father passed away, and class was canceled on the 18th. Of course, Wed. was Christmas. As the next Wed. is New Years, the next class will probably be cancelled. Anyway, here are my notes for Joshua, which I will be teaching over the next couple of weeks.


Joshua: “Jehovah as salvation”

Names for Joshua: Hoshea (Num. 13:8, 16, Dt. 32:44), Jehoshua (1Chron. 7:27), Jeshua (Neh. 8:17), Jesus (Heb. 4:8).  Jesus is the Greek form of Joshua.

Born a slave in Egypt, son of Nun, a descendant of Ephraim, younger son of Joseph, blessed by Jacob, the greater blessing than older brother Mannasseh.

Ex. 17:8-16- victory over the Amalekites, descendants of Esau, Esau’s son’s concubine, Gen. 36:12. Older will serve the younger, Amalekites destroyed by David. Josh. Leads fight.

v.14- 1st account of Moses keeping written record. Wanted Josh. To have physical reminder.

v.15- Built an altar, The Lord is My Banner

Ex. 24: 12-18- Josh. With Moses on Mt. Sinai, saw the glory of the Lord with Moses.

Ex. 33:11- Josh. A constant worshipper of God.

Num.13- Josh. sent to spy out the Promised Land.

Num. 14: 6-10- Josh. tries to change Israel’s mind, Israel was going to stone him, Caleb.

v. 30- only Josh., Caleb will enter the land. All other spies died of plague, v. 36-38.

Num. 27: 12-23- leadership given to Josh. by Moses before the people.

v.18- Josh. “in whom is the Spirit”

v.20- a portion of Moses’ authority, share authority with Eleazar the priest, son of Aaron. E inquires of the Lord, Josh. carries out commands.

v.23- Moses lays hands on Josh, see Dt. 34:9, Josh full of the Holy Spirit

Josh. 1:1-9

1.     Moses servant of the Lord, Josh. his assistant.

2.     2-4, a command and a promise.

5.- remember God’s history with Moses.

6, 7, 9- be strong and courageous. Also 1:18.

7-8- meditate upon, follow the written Law.

Josh 3:1-8, see v. 5 (sanctify yourselves),.

v. 7 Josh. to be exalted before people.

v.10- know that the living God is among you, will drive out other nations.

Cross Jordon with Ark, Memorial Stones.

See 4:14

5: 1-12, circumcision.

v. 8-9- in the presence of the enemy. Vessels of bronze

v.10- kept the Passover

v.11-12- eat produce of the land, manna stopped.

13-15- whose side, NO!, holy ground, Jesus.

See Dt. 20 for rules covering warfare.

Josh 6-Jericho- “Moon City”- center of worship of moon god. Nor just destroying city, but worship center of pagan god.

v.2- God says “See, I have given city” while it was closed up. Also v.16.

God’s instructions unusual, before the enemy, not repeated. Josh. was to inquire before the Lord.

v.17- doomed to destruction, all that could not be put in the treasury.

v. 18- abstain from accursed

v.19- gold, silver, vessels of bronze, iron into treasury.

v. 21, 24- utterly destroy Canaanite paganism

v.27- Lord with Josh., fame spreads

v.26- curse fulfilled by King Ahab, 1Ki. 16:34

Josh. 7:1-Ai- 15 mile climb from Jericho onto central plain. Strategic. Achan took accursed things

v. 2-Beth Aven-House of Wickedness.

v. 6-10- didn’t inquire of the Lord in the 1st place. V.7-Josh. speaks to God like  Israelites spoke to Moses in the desert.

v.13- can’t stand before enemies.

v. 24-26, see Dt.24: 16- children can’t be executed for father’s sin. Most likely adult collaborators. No mention of Achan’s wife. Either dead or innocent. See also Ezk. 18:3 onward. Achan executed in manner like Canaanites.

Josh. 8:1-2- don’t be afraid, dismayed (feel ashamed). Share the spoil. Achan was greedy, could have shared in spoil. God gave instructions. See v. 4-8, 18. v.3-35,000 men, not the couple thousand from 1st battle.

v.30-35- rewrite, speak whole Law, command of Moses, Dt. 11:26-30, 27:1-8. Memorial, for future generations, in presence of enemies.

Josh. 9: 1-2, enemies join, plot against Israel.

v.3, 9-10, knew what God had done for, through Israel. Like Rahab.

v.14- did not take counsel from God.

v.15- made covenant

v. 16, on- will not break cov.- Gibeonites made to carry wood to tabernacle, exposed to true worship. Helped Nehemiah rebuild temple.

Josh. 10- fought according to cov.

v.25- Josh. says be strong, of good courage.

Josh 11:15- Josh did all Moses commanded.

v.19-20-no one but Gibeonites made peace. Lord hardened hearts, no idolatry in Israel.

Josh. 23:6 0n- courage to keep Law in midst of pagan nations. Don’t serve idols, do not cling to remnant, do not marry pagans, or will be slaves.

Josh. 24: 2, 13, 14-15, onward. Choose!

v.29-32- those that knew Josh. served the Lord. Joseph’s bones buried.

Heb. 4:7-8                                                   

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