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Isaac and Jacob

Here are my notes on Isaac and Jacob from my Wed. morning class taught over a year ago. The notes on Jacob will look incomplete. I remember teaching on Gen.34, but for some reason didn't make written notes.


Isaac means he laughs, the laughing one. Parents laughed at circumstances of birth, Gen. 21:6. God selected the name before he was born, Gen. 17:19. (Other examples- in OT- Ishmael, Solomon, Josiah, Cyrus, and Isaiah’s son Mahe-shal-hash-baz. In NT- John the Baptist, Jesus.)
No record of early life except circumsized at 8 days, and weaned.
At sacrifice, Isaac was not a child. Josephus thought he was 25, others think 33.
God provided the lamb, as He would with his only Son.
Most important issue, Abraham’s faith, Isaac’s obedience.
Similarities with Christ:
both had been promised, Isaac 25 years before, Jesus in Gen. 3:16. Gal. 3:16- the seed is one.
birth announcements unusual- laughter, even Mary questioned.
both named before birth.
both births miraculous.
Gen. 24- Bride for Isaac. Picture of Holy Spirit seeking out disciples for Christ. Christ the groom, the Church the bride.
v.27- servant guided by God.
v.58- Rebekah ready, willing to go as Isaac’s bride.
v. 67- Isaac took her to himself, he loved her. She comforted him in his mourning.
Gen. 25:21- pleaded, even though Isaac knew God’s promise to Abraham.
Gen. 26- God makes promise to Isaac based on Abraham’s obedience. God repeated covenant. God prospers him because he obeys God in not going down to Egypt. Prosperity makes enemies of allies.
Isaac falters in faith. Saw his father do same thing with Abimelech.
Isaac prospers, moves.
v.23-25- God repeats covenant, Isaac builds altar as a memorial. Didn’t build altar the 1st time God appeared to him, learning to express faith.
v.34- Esau brings grief.
Gen. 27- Isaac knew the older will serve the younger, but was going to bypass the promise. Isaac just wanted to eat.
What New Testament says about Isaac:
Heb. 11:20- “By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.” (Gen. 27: 26-40).
James 2: 21-23- faith perfected by works.

Law v. Grace, Works v. Faith.


Jacob- supplanter, taking the place of another.
Gen. 25:23- two nations, older will serve the younger, that the purpose of God, according to the election will stand.
Predestination- but what kind? Not the arbitrary choosing by God, but those who follow in Jacob’s footsteps.
Gen. 25: 27-34- steals Esau’s birthright. In Haran, could sell birthright to brother.
Birthright- headship of family, double share of inheritance (Dt. 21:17)
Esau- lusted for the tangible, the here and now. Heb. 12: 16-17, we are our brother’s keeper, don’t let anyone become profane like Esau.
Gen. 25: 25-28, Gen. 26: 34-35. The blessing- Gen. 27: 27-29.
Isaac tried to bypass God’s word in blessing Esau, Rebekah schemed to get Jacob the blessing God had already told her was his. Esau cared nothing for the blessing, plotted to kill Jacob, blamed Jacob for losing his birthright. Good thing Abraham sent away all his other children.
Gen. 28: 3-4- Isaac repeats God’s covenant with Abraham. Fruitful nation, assembly of peoples, the land.
Esau- marry daughters of Ishmael, Ishmael and his descendants have no part in God’s salvation plan.
Gen. 28: 10-22- God intervenes in the natural world.
v. 13-15- God reaffirms covenant, will be with Jacob, will bring him back. Not because Jacob was righteous, but because of Abraham’s righteousness.
v.19- Was called Luz, which means separation, now called Bethel- house of God.
v.20- 21- if God be with me, bring me back, provide, THEN the Lord shall be my God. Not until then, not walking by faith yet.
Jacob, Laban, Rachael, Leah- 12 tribes of Israel.
Gen. 31: 1-3, 7-9, 24, 31, 36-42.
Gen. 32: 9-12- remind God of promises, 11-12, still fear.
v. 13-15- gifts to placate Esau.
v. 24-32- wrestle with God (Hos. 12:4)
until the break of day
Man did not prevail
Israel means struggle with God
Penial- seen God face to face, life preserved.
Gen. 33:10- Esau’s face the face of God.
Gen. 48: 12-20, 49: 8-12, by faith.
Gen. 49: 12 -20, Gen 49: 8-12- by faith.
Gen. 49: 1-7- oldest son forfeited blessing, leadership fell to Judah.

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