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Here my notes from the study of Joseph for my Wed. morning Bible study class. This lesson was taught over a year ago.

Joseph- mother, Rachael. Jacob’s favorite.
Means “may Jehovah add” or “He will add.” Gen. 30:24-faith that God will add another son.
Gen. 30: 22-24- “Then God remembered Rachael, and God listened to her and opened her womb. And she conceived and bore a son, and said, ‘God has taken away my reproach.’ So she called his name Joseph, and said, ‘The Lord shall add to me another son.’ ”

Gen 37: 1-11- 17 years old,  tended sheep, gave brothers bad report. V.3- Jacob loved Joseph more than other brothers. Gave Joseph tunic of many colors. Was it a tunic of many colors? (LXX), or a longsleeved robe , or ornamented tunic as might be worn by royalty?
v.4- envy of Joseph leads to hatred from his brothers. Remember Cain.
v.6-11- dreams, the older will serve the younger. Jacob rebukes Joseph, but does not reject Joseph’s dreams out of hand.
Read v.18-28, 29-36.

Gen. 39- God with Joseph.
v.1- sold to captain of Pharaoh’s guard.
v.2-4- Potipher sees God in Joseph.
v. 2-6 (especially 6)- Joseph given highest responsibility. Potipher doesn’t bother to oversee him. There were levels in slavery in ancient world.
v. 6-10- Joseph good looking, resist temptation.
v. 11-20- being righteous leads to prison, the kings prison.
v.21-23- in Joseph’s hands, keeper did not oversee Joseph. The Lord was with him.

Gen. 40- Prisoner’s dreams.
v.7- Joseph not only trustworthy, but sensitive to others.
v. 8- presents self as God’s agent.
v. 14- Joseph wants to be remembered.
v.23- forgotten.

Gen. 41- 13 years between slavery and rise to power.
v. 1- 2 years pass.
v. 1-7- Pharaoh’s dreams, no one could interpret.
v. 9-14- Joseph remembered.
v. 16- attribute gifts to God.
v. 25-32- Joseph interprets.
v. 33-36- Joseph’s solution.
v. 37 on- God with Joseph, Joseph rises to authority again.
v.40- rule over Pharaoh’ s land, 2nd only to Pharaoh.
v.42- signant ring, Joseph spoke for Pharaoh. Fine linen, gold chain, signs of royalty, authority.
v. 43- Pharaoh displays Joseph to the people. People expected to give homage.
v. 44- Pharaoh tells Joseph he has authority over people
Zaph nath-Paaneah- “God speaks and He lives.” Joseph’s authority like a god’s. Marriage to a non- Jew, yet children part of Israel.
v. 56-57- famine over whole world, all had to approach Joseph to live.
Joseph as picture of Christ. Like the ancient world approaching Joseph to live, so we approach the Father through the Son.  As Joseph had all authority, so does Jesus.

Gen. 42
v. 4- Jacob doesn’t send Benjamin, Rachael’s son.
v. 6- bow down, beginning of dreams fulfillment, see v. 9.
v. 16- God wants Israel in Egypt, prophecy to Abraham.
v. 22- Reuben a liar.
v. 24- Joseph weeps for brothers, like Christ wept for us, “Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.” Gen. 43:30.

Gen. 43: 33-34- younger given the blessing.

Gen. 44: 14-34- now the brothers put their lives on the line in intercession. Want to please father, no longer careless concerning his wishes.

Gen. 45.
v.3- dismayed in his presence.
v. 4-7- purpose- did brothers act of own accord? God preserved for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob a posterity.
v. 22- younger favored.

Gen. 46
v. 3- the promise of a great nation.
v. 4- God’s promise he will be buried in land promised to Abraham.
v. 27- 70 in all.

Gen. 47: 13-26- Joseph gets power over all land and people. Most of treasure taken from people goes back to the people. Joseph only keeps 1/5. Priests get land allotted to them. Joseph keeps Pharaoh’s word.

Gen. 50-
v. 1-14- promise fulfilled, Jacob buried in Promised Land.
v. 15-21- brothers still fear Joseph, Joseph shows forgiveness.

v. 22-26- Joseph’s faith.

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